BH Gives Back is a Testament to The Company’s Founder

Each year in May, BH Management Services, LLC hosts its annual Management Conference to recognize achievements from the previous year. Like many companies, awards are given for outstanding sales and service performance, financial performance and more. But look at one award and you’ll see something that makes this property management company a little unique. It is the Corporate Philanthropy Award, given to the Property Manager and team who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to social responsibility in the local community.

“It’s one of our most heavily contested awards of the year,” said BH Management Services President Joanna Zabriskie. “In fact, our leadership team couldn’t even agree to a single winner this year, so we selected two.” The Views of Naperville Apartments in Naperville, Illinois; and Weston Park Apartments in Des Moines, Iowa, were both recognized for their ongoing commitment throughout 2017.

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It’s no surprise that BH and its more than 2,000 employees are committed to philanthropy. The company’s founder, Harry Bookey, and his wife, Pamela Bass-Bookey, have made it their mission to give back. Harry - web

“What the Bookey family has done for the Des Moines community is truly inspirational,” Zabriskie said. “Whether it was renovating the historic downtown Masonic Temple that the city was ready to tear down; or investing in the arts, education or underprivileged youth, The Bookeys have had an immeasurable impact on the city.”

Not only are the company’s employees encouraged to volunteer, but they are paid to do so. Each year, every full-time employee is given eight paid “BH Gives Back” hours to volunteer at the charities of their choice. With property locations in more than 20 states, the effects are far-reaching.

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“The community benefits through the time and talents of our team members,” Zabriskie said, “And our teams benefit through the camaraderie and sense of satisfaction that their efforts create. It’s a win-win.”

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