Our Favorite “Pieces of Home”

For many of us, one of the most exciting parts about moving into a new apartment is getting the chance to re-arrange and re-decorate our new homes.

For others, to put it simply – they’d rather not have to deal with any of it… and in fact, would rather not move in the first place so they don’t have to!

The whole interior design – home decorating thing just comes easy to some… (and let’s be honest – most of us know which end of the spectrum we fall on) – while some others would like to stay as far away as humanly possible from a Home Goods store.

But that doesn’t mean those that aren’t necessarily the most versed in the latest home fashions don’t have a few cherished items in their homes they have grown to love, and simply couldn’t live without… which brings us to our topic at hand.

Today, we would like to introduce you to a few members of our BH family and their favorite pieces of home décor. From someone who has made a living out of decorating apartment homes – to someone who admits he’s not the most savvy when it comes to pillows, patterns and paint, this post should pique your interest.

Here’s a glimpse of some of our BH employees’ most prized “pieces of home.”


Kelly 2Kelly Weber, BH’s director of marketing, says it’s tough for her to narrow it down to a single favorite piece of home décor. She said she andKelly 3 her husband Rich have a rule that “if they love it, they’ll find a place for it,” even if it doesn’t match the sofa. They are both antique junkies and outdoor enthusiasts, so their house reflects their random interests. You can find anything from art and photography from regional artists, to repurposed furniture, to old signs and advertising pieces. They’ve kept a few items from their hunting trips, too. Some of her favorite items include random “treasures” from antiquing trips, (featured on the right) and their hunting trophies, (one of which is featured on the left.)

KellyAbout Kelly

Kelly has served as BH’s director of marketing since 2009. She enjoys all things “outdoors,” hunting for antiques, crafts, reading and writing. (In fact, she’s also a published author – Look for the book, “Finding Victory,” the next time you’re in Barnes ‘n Noble or on Amazon.com!) Kelly is originally from De Soto, Wisconsin.

Trae's shelfTrae Burgess, the property manager of Tuckahoe Creek Apartment Homes, says he has not one, but two cherished items in his home – a special shelf … and his pup Mr. Binx!  The shelf features several items that mean a great deal to Trae, including his late grandfather’s Hampton Fire Department patch, a card his father gave him for his 30th birthday, and photos from his sister’s wedding day, his college graduation dinner and his grandfather on his boat.Mr Binx

As far as Mr. Binx goes, he’s a Yorkinese who lives with Trae. Trae says he’s pretty sure he should be a celebrity. Enough said.

Trae from TuckahoeAbout Trae

It feel like we already know Trae pretty well based on his favorite items of home décor, but in case you still haven’t gotten your fill, here are a few more tidbits! Trae has been with BH for two years, is 30 years old, and LOVES watching and playing soccer. He also enjoys traveling, the beach, and  being around his friends/family.  OH – Did we mention his real name is Charles Wellington Burgess III?

Summer KeysSummer Shown, a regional marketing specialist at BH, says her favorite “piece of home” is a shadowbox full of her favorite antique skeleton keys (which she has been collecting since high school!) She says her husband made the shadowbox, which makes it that much more meaningful to her. Summer picked out the paint color, painted the inside of the box and arranged the keys inside of it. I think we can all agree the shadowbox turned out great!

SummerAbout Summer

It’s no surprise Summer’s position at BH includes decorating our apartment homes. Summer has worked for BH for just over five years. She is originally from Greer, SC, but has lived by the coast of Charleston for almost 14 years.  She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.

Jarrod's crest

Jarrod Grimm, Crossings at Bramblewood’s property manager, says his favorite piece of home décor is a framed collection of two family crests – both his and his wife’s. They are tied together with the date they exchanged vows, and their family background is listed in the verbiage below the crests. He says this is his favorite piece of decor because he thinks it’s important to acknowledge both heritages coming together.

New JarrodAbout Jarrod

Jarrod Grimm, resides in Glen Allen, VA with his wife Rachel and dog Kingston. He has been with BH since November of 2011, loves Notre Dame Football and Duck Dynasty. (Hey Jack!)

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