Nailed it! Our Worst Cooked Meals and Desserts

Let’s face it. We have all had that meal we were SO excited about … that we’d put months of planning into … when we desperately tried to impress that special someone … completely derail.

No – We’re not talking about your fried chicken that got just a little too crispy, or even your hamburgers that you left on the grill for, we’ll just say a “few minutes” too long.

We’re talking about those smoke billowing out of the oven – smoke alarms sending you (and the neighbors) off the edge – significant others trying to talk you off the ledge (or the contrary) – barking dogs – screaming kids  – type of meals.

Those are the days you ask yourself, “Why do I even bother?”

Let’s be honest though. Those days give you the perfect excuse to go out to eat, right? You know you love that part about it (as do our waistlines!) But what you haven’t known on those very, very special and exceptionally memorable days… is that it’s also given you the chance to be featured in this blog! I know what you’re thinking, and you couldn’t be more spot-on. It is… without a doubt… your lucky day!

No, but really… it is.

(awkward silence)

Just kidding. 🙂

Seriously, though – We really appreciate everyone who sent us submissions this week, and every other week, as we aim to add a little joy to your day. (or at least make you feel better about your cooking!)

Thanks for chuckling at yourself, and allowing others to chuckle with you… It is much appreciated.

With that, here are some of our BH family members’ “worst cooked meals and desserts.” Enjoy, everyone!

MuffinsCheryl Hisey, Canyon Crossings’ marketing director and a resident there, said she was making muffins for her co-workers a few months back and forgot to put the eggs in! She said she caught the mistake just in time to scoop the batter back into the bowl, add them in, and pour the batter back into the cups, so no one knew! (that is, until now…)

Gina mealGina Osborn, one of BH’s regional managers, says her “worst cooked meal” was a Braised Lamb Shank with red wine shallots and rosemary.

She says it all began with her wish to recreate her favorite meal from her favorite restaurant in Tuckahoe, NY called An American Bistro Restaurant. The problem was that she had purchased two spoiled lamb shanks and didn’t know it! Instead of the delicate fragrance of wine, lamb and rosemary…she says her ENTIRE house reeked of ROAD KILL! The meal may have looked pretty as a picture, but it smelled like SKUNK! Not only did she throw the meal away, but the ENTIRE Dutch Oven!skunk web

P.S. No offense to Debbie Sanford (BH’s vice president of underwriting and asset management) and her LOVE of skunks…namely Otis!

GinaGina Osborn is the regional manager for Tampa Bay. She has been part of the BH Team for 1 ½ years and lives in Land O Lakes, FL. In her spare time, Gina enjoys cooking…for the most part anyway.  😉

cakeAllison Nielsen, BH’s training manager, happens to be a fabulous cook – but was kind enough to share a small little mishap she had while making a dessert recently.

When whipping up party appetizers and main entrees, her cooking creativity (usually) provides delicious results – but she says she’s never mastered the art of baking and decorating desserts. She says she wanted to push herself to learn something new (and has a reason to keep sweets around 24/7), so she signed up for a cake decorating class with a few of her co-workers. She learned several great techniques and created some very cool cakes in the class – but one particular cake was a big, fat fail.

She attempted to place her favorite college football team’s logo on the cake, so she could show off her new skills at an upcoming tailgate party – but as you can see, the logo didn’t quite hold!

While the cake was still edible, she decided to leave the atrocity at home. She says Iowa State went on to lose their game that day – and thinks she probably cursed them somehow with her not-so-cute cake. At least it tasted great!

allisonnAllison Nielsen is BH’s training manager and a Des Moines native. Her vices are wine, Sunday afternoon dinners, and spending time with friends and family – and is happy as a clam when all three of them are combined!

Thin Mint cupcakeKristina Marshall, one of BH’s regional managers, says she loves to cook and is always searching Pinterest for delicious looking recipes. One day, she found a recipe for Girl Scout Thin Mint cupcakes and decided she would make them for her husband for their anniversary. She said the cupcakes turned out good but the frosting looked absolutely terrible. (Note: The photo on the left showcases what the cupcakes should have looked like!) Kristina said she tried the frosting again and ended up with a total fail! The frosting was flat, falling off the cupcakes, and a total mess to say the least. As a result, Kristina learned not all recipes on Pinterest are tried and tested!

326937_10151134831045576_832004216_oKristina Marshall, has been with BH for a little over 5 years. She’s originally from Seattle, Washington and now resides in Altoona, Iowa. She enjoys cooking, baking, the outdoors, and traveling in her spare time.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of the BH Blog. We hope to see you back here next week!

It’s your turn!

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