10 tips for making a small space look larger

KellyIn this week’s edition of the BH Blog, we are excited to feature Guest Blogger Kelly Weber, who serves as BH’s director of marketing and training. Kelly’s creativity, profound knowledge of the apartment industry, and eye for aesthetic appeal have made her an expert when it comes to interior design.

Today, she shares some of her thoughts on making the most of your digs – no matter how large or small.


kitchenEveryone has a mental picture of their dream “money-is-no object” home – that palatial estate that goes on forever. But for most of us, our living arrangements are slightly more, well, cozy. That doesn’t mean that we can’t still live large though. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can make even the smallest spots feel a bit more spacious.

Tip #1: Think about scale.

Most people think that small spaces need small furniture. But before you fill your humble abode with doll furniture, know that this can actually have the opposite effect. Fewer, larger pieces of furniture can make a space feel more substantial. If you must skimp on size, consider just a single piece of furniture, such as an apartment sized sofa that is slightly shorter than a regular sofa, instead of a whole room full of pint-sized pieces.

Tip #2:  Let the outside in.

Avoid heavy window coverings to make a space feel larger. This allows the most natural light to enter the room, and draws your eye beyond the room to the space outside while keeping the room from getting weighted down. If privacy is a concern, there are plenty of blind and shade options that can be closed as needed.

Tip #3: Store it.

Nothing makes a space feel more closed in than clutter, so keep accessories to a minimum and add storage solutions that keep items close at hand but out of sight. Consider pieces that serve double duty like a storage ottoman.

Tip #4: Keep it light.

Dark paint colors, which absorb light instead of reflect it, make spaces feel smaller, so consider adding color through accessories and art instead of on your walls. If you simply can’t live without color, consider a single accent wall instead of painting the entire room.

Tip #5: Brighten the corners.

Just like dark paint, shadows can make a space feel smaller too. Many rooms have one overhead light in the exact center of the room, which means shaded corners that can close in the space. Consider track  lighting, directional can lighting, or even a floor lamp to wash some light into these otherwise dark spaces.

Tip #6: Avoid bad break-ups.

Heavy pieces of furniture or accessories that break up your sight line can make a space feel closed in, so consider ways to keep sight lines open. Try a glass-topped coffee table, or armless accent chairs or backless benches for additional seating, and avoid overly tall accent pieces on dining tables, kitchen pass-throughs, etc.

Tip #7: Define your spaces.

Believe it or not, your furniture does not require that you place it up against a wall. Allowing pieces to float in the room can help you define spaces for various uses, like dining, reading or watching TV and can make your space feel more open. “Wow – a dining room, living room AND a study…this place MUST be big.”

Tip #8 – Take a good look around.

You’ve already removed items that block the sight line, now give your eye a reason to look throughout the entire space. Consider a bold accent color and distribute it throughout the space. For example, and some pop to your blue and gray room by adding hints of orange in a lamp on the coffee table, to a piece of art on the opposite wall, in some canisters on the kitchen counter, etc.

Tip # 9 – Have something to look up to.

Don’t forget that the space above your head is still space…consider creating vertical lines that draw your eye up. If you elect to use drapery, buy a longer length and hang them all the way to the ceiling, hang tall, narrow pieces of art, or put a fun light fixture or pop of color on your ceiling.

Tip #10 – Be reflective.

Don’t think 1970’s wall of mirrors in your parents’ dining room, but using reflective surfaces is still one of the best ways to make a space feel larger and brighter. There are some great mirrored pieces on the market today like console and coffee tables, or pick up some mirrored tiles get a little crafty with a mirror-backed bookshelf.

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A Day in the Life of a Leasing Consultant

In this week’s edition of The BH Blog, we’re excited to feature our first guest blogger! Cross de la Cruz is a leasing consultant at Vista @ 23 Apartments in Gresham, Oregon, and has a tremendous amount of passion for his community, as well as the apartment industry as a whole. Cross has worked in the apartment business for ten years, and has won many leasing awards throughout his career, including the 2010 Princeton Properties “Leasing Legend Award.”

When he’s not leasing at Vista @ 23, he says he loves to play darts and stay active. He says he walks two miles to and from work each day to stay happy and healthy!

Today, he shares some of his thoughts on working in the business and why he finds it so fulfilling.

Cross de la CruzBeing a Leasing Consultant is not an easy profession, but at the same time…I can’t think of a field that could be nearly as rewarding.

We help people find a place to live.

We deal directly with the lives of our residents.

We are there to see them move in, raise their families, get degrees, get better jobs. We see them through better or worse, through rain or shine.

That’s a pretty important job, if you ask me.

I consider our residents at Vista @ 23 my family, and I take this responsibility very seriously, as does any great leasing consultant.

Leasing Consultants are the life blood of the community. We are the ones who take an active approach in finding people to live here.

We are the go between. We handle all calls from new prospects who are thinking of moving to our area from far away. We give them information… photos … and provide them with the mental imagery needed to help them make the right decision.

We handle all inquiries from our valued residents — whether someone is having a maintenance issue, has a general comment, question, concern — or someone is simply wanting to say hello.

At any given time, someone might need your expertise, experience, guidance —  or some peace of mind.

If you think about it… We leasing consultants are like minor celebrities in our neighborhoods. We know 3,000 people in less than a 5 mile area.

With all of the residents, their families, extended families, and all of our outreach marketing contacts, we truly touch so many lives.

This is something to embrace.

Be an envoy of your community, be proud of your community, your staff, and your company. We all play a vital role in the business and that’s something to be valued.

Why there isn’t a reality show about working in apartments is beyond belief to me… We would all be television stars in no time if there were!


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The world is your oyster!

In this week’s edition of the BH Blog, we’re talking careers!

With well over 1,000 dedicated employees and more than 44,000 apartment homes spanning across nearly 20 states – we have a world of opportunity available at BH.

Here at the company, employees are our most valuable asset and we work hard each and every day to inspire them to achieve excellence.

We do so by providing opportunities for growth and empowerment, giving them the training needed to do outstanding work, and providing encouragement every step of the way.

As we enter into 2014, we have made it our mission to spread the word about the opportunities we provide. From our Maintenance teams to our Leasing Staff – to our Marketing and Information Technology teams – to our Accounting Department… we have something for everyone at BH.

We’ve also made it our mission to create a healthy, safe, and positive environment people can thrive in – and the number one way we’ve been able to achieve this is by seeking out passionate, positive and hard-working individuals to join our family!

If you, a friend, or family member is looking to make a career change, we encourage you to browse through our open positions, and apply for anything and everything that interests you. Keep in mind – we offer a full complement of benefits including:

• Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance • Apartment Allowance • Club 90 Bonus, Recognition and Awards • Competitive Salaries and Bonuses • Education Reimbursement • 401K with Employer Match • Much more!

If you’re not ready to apply yet, we’ve also created a special video to get you excited about working at BH…

Enjoy – and be sure to visit the Careers section of our website today! We would love to hear from you.

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Fancy roomIt’s hard to believe yet another year has come and gone. People say that all the time, especially around the New Year, but in all seriousness… Can you believe we’ve actually entered the year 2014?

Sometimes it feels like it’s still 1993 – our first year in existence here at BH. (Yep, we celebrated our 20th anniversary this year!)

Back then, we were a small startup company with a few people working ’round the clock, learning the business, taking on new deals, aspiring to be something great.

In other ways, it feels like we’re 20 years ahead of our time. With the tremendous amount of movement, change, and exploration this last year has brought forth, we’ve been able to spread our wings and take advantage of extraordinary opportunities…opportunities that have helped us become one of the largest management companies in the nation.

Now, that’s a cool feeling.

2013 brought about enormous growth at BH. We set a new record, taking on a whopping 39 properties and more than 11,000 units this past year.

We entered the states of Indiana and Kentucky, endeavors that have allowed us to meet people from new communities, hear their stories, learn new things, all while working hard to provide them with the best living experiences possible.

We feel extremely fortunate to have been dealt such a phenomenal hand of cards this year, and appreciate all of the hard work each and every BH employee has put forth along the way. We also would like to thank our wonderful residents for choosing us.

Without you, there wouldn’t be a BH!

With that, we wish you the very best in the year ahead, and encourage you to check out our properties and current job openings!

We are always looking to expand our family.

Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy New Year, from your  friends at BH Management Services, LLC!


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