A Day in the Life of a Leasing Consultant

In this week’s edition of The BH Blog, we’re excited to feature our first guest blogger! Cross de la Cruz is a leasing consultant at Vista @ 23 Apartments in Gresham, Oregon, and has a tremendous amount of passion for his community, as well as the apartment industry as a whole. Cross has worked in the apartment business for ten years, and has won many leasing awards throughout his career, including the 2010 Princeton Properties “Leasing Legend Award.”

When he’s not leasing at Vista @ 23, he says he loves to play darts and stay active. He says he walks two miles to and from work each day to stay happy and healthy!

Today, he shares some of his thoughts on working in the business and why he finds it so fulfilling.

Cross de la CruzBeing a Leasing Consultant is not an easy profession, but at the same time…I can’t think of a field that could be nearly as rewarding.

We help people find a place to live.

We deal directly with the lives of our residents.

We are there to see them move in, raise their families, get degrees, get better jobs. We see them through better or worse, through rain or shine.

That’s a pretty important job, if you ask me.

I consider our residents at Vista @ 23 my family, and I take this responsibility very seriously, as does any great leasing consultant.

Leasing Consultants are the life blood of the community. We are the ones who take an active approach in finding people to live here.

We are the go between. We handle all calls from new prospects who are thinking of moving to our area from far away. We give them information… photos … and provide them with the mental imagery needed to help them make the right decision.

We handle all inquiries from our valued residents — whether someone is having a maintenance issue, has a general comment, question, concern — or someone is simply wanting to say hello.

At any given time, someone might need your expertise, experience, guidance —  or some peace of mind.

If you think about it… We leasing consultants are like minor celebrities in our neighborhoods. We know 3,000 people in less than a 5 mile area.

With all of the residents, their families, extended families, and all of our outreach marketing contacts, we truly touch so many lives.

This is something to embrace.

Be an envoy of your community, be proud of your community, your staff, and your company. We all play a vital role in the business and that’s something to be valued.

Why there isn’t a reality show about working in apartments is beyond belief to me… We would all be television stars in no time if there were!


Thank you for reading this week’s edition of The BH Blog!

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