Striking a Balance

work life balanceIn this week’s edition of the BH Blog, we’re featuring a guest entry from BH Marketing Specialist Emily Brady.

If you’ve had trouble striking a balance between your work and personal life, we hope some of Emily’s words of wisdom will help you find happiness on both ends of the spectrum.


Finding a balance between your work and your home life is a challenge for everyone regardless of the industry you’re in.  While we are challenged to give 150% every day at our jobs, how much does that leave for us? -50% for ourselves?  That can’t be right! Right?!

You really have to make a conscious effort to have me time or family time.  This is no easy feat!  With projects lining up at work, getting the grocery shopping done, bringing the kids to soccer practice, making time for relatives, friends, and all of your social responsibilities, (I could go on and on,) there just aren’t enough hours in the day…

But as difficult as it may be, finding time for you isn’t impossible!  Not only will finding that ever-so-important balance improve your day to day life, but it will also help us stay healthy, be more focused at work, and ultimately enjoy our lives more … and isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?

In order to succeed at this, here are some things you can start doing TODAY.

Schedule ME time.  With our work calendars jammed with meetings and coworkers grabbing us for “just one second” throughout the day, when we get home – it’s important to schedule that downtime.  Just as you meticulously plan every part of your work day – you really need to schedule some personal time as well!  You don’t have to cancel your activities, but find that spare 30 minutes or hour and keep it open for you.  Once it’s scheduled – stick to it!  Don’t let that “one more thing” take over …and don’t lose that important ME time. Don’t let someone grab you for ‘just a sec’ during me time.  Unless it’s an emergency – it can wait!

Find what helps you relax.  For some of us, it’s an hour at the gym — For others, it’s curling up with the latest best seller. You just need to figure out what helps you relax.  There’s no ‘right’ way to relax so find what helps you wind down and be sure you make time for that in your weekly routine.  Explore new and different ways to relax, too! Maybe its crafts or drawing, writing, bird watching, sailing, fishing, cake decorating, knitting, photography – the options are endless!

Treat Yo’ Self! Thank the Parks and Recreation TV show for this gem!  After a job well done- reward yourself.  You deserve it! Splurge on that one extra thing that you wouldn’t normally splurge on, take some needed paid time off, indulge in a spa day or a day on the golf course, go to your favorite sports team event – the options are again, endless!  You can plan this treat before a big project and indulge when the project is done – you can treat yo’ self.

We aren’t telling you to disobey your boss or not complete your tasks at work, but if you’re able to shut that phone off for an hour and take your dog for a walk, shut down your laptop and take a cooking class with your spouse or friends, you will be surprised how rewarding it can be.  It’s amazing how quickly you will find yourself enjoying your life more and … and getting more out of both your work and personal life!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of The BH Blog!

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