Dreams Do Come True!

DSC_0044This week, we are featuring a guest blog post from Chris Carter, who started out as an assistant manager at Bella Vida at Coyote Ridge in Carrollton, Texas – and was recently promoted to a regional marketing specialist in BH’s Dallas office. We hope his words of wisdom will help inspire you to think about your own dreams and passions. Enjoy!

Every day, after working long days at an apartment community, I always seemed to go home and make time to pick up my computer and my graphic pen to create.

I started to realize I had a love for graphic design when I started wanting to do it on a regular basis…so I started doing it more and more, going home and creating art, going home and creating friends’ logos and business cards, going home and creating anything that I could to exercise my passion.

I quickly learned how much I loved to design, which made me wonder if this was something I was supposed to do on a daily basis – as a full-time gig…

…and that’s where my story begins.

My name is Christopher Carter and I am the new Regional Marketing Specialist in BH’s Dallas office.  I started my transition from Assistant Manager to Regional Marketing Specialist in early March of 2014. I must say, I was pretty intimidated when I started this journey, but soon realized that THIS WAS IT!  I never understood what it meant to have a dream until I was presented with an outstanding opportunity at BH.

My normal routine at Bella Vida at Coyote Ridge was to be the best Assistant Manager that I could be.  I was focused on being the top collector of my region – but there was always something there that kept me wanting to go back to design.

In turn, I would take the initiative to create flyers for Bella Vida, create notices, and other design elements that would not only help us as a property, but would fill the graphic design void I was having. Little did I know, taking on these tasks was truly setting me up for something greater.

Soon after… that “something” happened.  I received an email from someone in the Dallas Corporate Office asking if I would be interested in a Marketing Specialist position that had just opened up. I couldn’t believe I was approached about such a fantastic opportunity, let alone at BH Management – one of the top apartment management companies in the nation.

Needless to say, I went on to take part in the interview and ended up getting hired. What started out as baby steps at Bella Vida turned into a full on sprint…and I couldn’t be more grateful!

The whole process has taught me a lot. No matter what it is you dream about, try and take the time to really tap into that dream, figure out how to begin the journey – and then GO FOR IT.  The connection could already be right there waiting for you… Mine was.

I feel blessed to be part of a company that truly has an endless amount of opportunities. At BH, there’s always a chance to grow, a chance to pursue your dreams, and make it happen.

If the sky is the limit, why not go for it?!


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