A Pop of Radiant Orchid

radiant-orchid-pantoneIf you haven’t caught wind of it already, “Radiant Orchid” has been deemed the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, which has given those pink and purple-lovers across the country an excuse to deck out their digs in this ravishing hue! With summer right around the corner, we figured there’s no better time than the present to give you a few ideas in bringing in this fun, seasonal color.

If you have a love for purple or pink, but aren’t sure how to make it work in your home, our hope is that our blog will help you do just that! Enjoy!

Living Room Layer with Neutrals

Layering this lovely hue with neutral colors will help make your ‘radiant orchid home décor’ pop! Bringing in both ends of the spectrum will also prevent your pieces of decor from seeming over the top or overwhelming.

radiant orchid wallOn the Wall

Incorporating radiant orchid with a paint brush is another way to bring in this bright hue! Painting a wall or two with this eye-catching color can make a world of difference in the overall look and feel of your home.

in the kitchenDress up your Kitchen

Dress up your kitchen by adding radiant orchid chairs! We think this is the perfect addition to this already-adorable space. If you want to take it a step further, try adding matching flowers. This will help tie it all together!

bright colorsPair it with Bright Tones

If you are looking for a more abstract and colorful look, pairing radiant orchid with bright colors can work wonders in your home! Choose your favorite hues, add a few contemporary pieces, and you’ve got yourself a trendy little living room! Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

go all outGo for it!

You always have the option to GO FOR IT! While this room may seem a little overkill, we think the interior decorators knocked it out of the park! The bookshelves paired with those funky leopard footrests make for a unique and modern feel.

In addition to the MANY, many ways you can use radiant orchid in your home, studies have shown this purply-pink hue is a mood-boster, helps calm the mind, and encourages creativity! Now if that’s not motivation enough to get on the radiant orchid train, we don’t know what is!


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