Breaking out of your shell

friendsMany people who live in apartment homes would love to meet some of the other residents at their communities, but making friends isn’t always the easiest or most comfortable thing to tackle.

That being said, breaking out of your shell can be a life-changing experience, not to mention an opportunity to expand your circle!

To help you accomplish this feat, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you muster up the courage to strike up a conversation or two. Here goes!


1)      Take advantage of resident events! If you are living in a BH community, you can expect to receive an invitation to a resident event several times a year! We often play host to cookouts, pool parties, holiday gatherings… you name it. These events are MEANT to help you meet other people, so be sure to RSVP ‘Yes!’


2)      Hit up the pool. If you’re ‘lucky’ enough to live in a state where you’re bound to see snow come December 1st – make that November 1st – heck, some of us even see it October 1st – chances are, you’ll have a much easier time meeting people when you aren’t cooped up during the winter months. If you want to break out of your shell, be sure to take advantage of the pool – whether it’s open year-round, or just a few months out of the year at your community. Chances are, it will be packed (with your soon to be pals!)


3)      Visit the gym. If there’s a gym at your community, hopping on an elliptical machine, treadmill, or lifting a few is the perfect gateway to starting a conversation with someone who’s working up a sweat next to you. If you hit it off, you might be lucky enough to end up with a work out buddy, too!


4)      Be friendly! Smile when others pass you. Say hi. Put out the vibe! Opening yourself up to the possibility of meeting people, making friends, or meeting a significant other is key in this process!


5)      Put yourself out there – While the suggestions we mentioned above will help get you out of your apartment – and will help you open you up to the possibility of meeting others, this last suggestion is a necessary step when it comes to all four tips. No matter where you are, or how friendly you seem – often times, you still need to take that leap and be the one to strike up the conversation. So, put yourself out there!

If you’re more of an extrovert, these suggestions may seem obvious to you, but there are plenty of folks in the world who are a bit more introverted and aren’t sure where to start!

We hope this week’s blog helped give you a few new ideas if you just moved to your community, are new to town, or are simply looking to add some new and fabulous people to your life! (Who isn’t?!)


Are you or someone you know looking for an apartment community? Be sure to check out our BH communities here!


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