Poolside Must-Haves

summerIf you’re living at a BH community, chances are – you have a beautiful pool readily available during the summer months – or year round if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that doesn’t dip into the negatives come December!
Hanging by the pool can be a blast, whether you’re spending time with your family, friends, or making time for ‘you,’ – but there are still a few things we want you to keep in mind while you’re basking in the summer heat! We also have a few, fun ‘must-haves’ you might want to throw in your beach bag! Enjoy!
Sunscreen – Be sure to bring your sunscreen! Try and stick with SPFs between 15 and 50. Make sure you reapply generously and often!
H20 – This may seem obvious, but be sure to bring plenty of water to help keep you hydrated while you’re spending time in the sun. It’s easy to forget this tip, but it’s one of the most important!
Healthy Snacks – Be sure to bring a few simple snacks you can munch on while hanging poolside! Trail mix, fruit, and almonds are easy to transport and will help keep you feel full throughout the day. Click here
for a few more snack suggestions!
Reading Material! – If you’ve been known to get bored pretty easily, bring a few magazines or a book you’ve been meaning to pick up from the book store! Click here to check out what’s topping the New York Times Best Seller List at the moment.
Your Favorite Tunes – Bringing some music to the pool is a must, whether your favorite jams are on your I-Pod, your phone, a Discman or cassette player (bet you haven’t heard those throwbacks in awhile!) Make sure you bring ear buds so you don’t disturb the peace at the pool.
We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of The BH Blog!
Have a great time hanging by the pool this summer!
Are you or someone you know looking for an apartment?
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