Keeping Kids Occupied

kids in colored ballsThis week, we are featuring BH Training Manager Allison Nielsen as our guest blogger, who offers up a few suggestions on how to keep the kiddos busy! Enjoy!

Whether you are traveling across the country or just trying to run errands around town, it can be a challenge to have young, bored kids in tow. When those books or iPad just isn’t keeping their attention, try a few of these tips!

Play ‘I Spy.’ This game can keep even the orneriest kid busy for awhile, and has the added bonus of being able to work on colors and shapes. Pick something within the child’s eyesight and say, “I spy with my little eye something… red!” Then, the child looks around and guesses what the item might be. You may make this game more challenging (and fit for older kids) by using different describing words – “I spy with my little eye something… tall!” Trade who the ‘spy’ is for the best engagement.

Always carry bubbles. Kids freak out about bubbles. Keeping a small bottle of them in your bag or the child’s backpack will help make outdoor events a lot more fun for them. If you’re going to be traveling through an airport, buy some wedding favor bubbles at a party store and throw a few in a carry-on liquids bag – it’s a great way for the kids to run off some pent-up energy in the terminal!

Ditto with glow sticks. Keeping a $1 pack of glow sticks in your bag and cracking them out when you’re at an evening party or get-together will keep your kiddo happy as a clam!

Does it float? Introduce your kids to the scientific process by pouring about half a glass of water into a cup and having them collect items to test density (rocks, a pen, gum, coins). Before they drop the item in, have them hypothesize if they think the item will float or sink. Then, test out their theory!

How fast can you… This good ol’ fashioned race game can be implemented anywhere, and by doing anything! Explain the task that you want them to do (run from this wall to that wall and back, or put all of the groceries onto the cashier belt) and then tell them that you are going to time them. Watch them put all of their energy and focus into completing the task in the quickest manner possible!

What can you build with… Coffee creamers, sugar packets, empty cups and straws make awesome model forts! What kind of castle, fort, or house can your kid make with these items?

With these tips, hopefully you’ll not only keep your sanity in tact – but also have a great time with your kids while being productive!


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