Couches from Across the Globe!

In this week’s blog, we’re featuring some of the craziest couches from across the globe… Who would have thought sofas could be so much fun?!

Flying Carpet Couch

Flying Carpet Sofa“East Meets West,” often referred to as the “Flying Carpet Couch” looks like it flew straight out of Disney’s animated musical fantasy film Aladdin! This couch was designed by Tonio de Roover and originated in the Netherlands.



Swimming Pool SofaPool Sofa

It makes you want to jump right in, doesn’t it? This sofa was designed for an ad campaign by the swimming pool design company Piscine Castiglione near Milan.


Tiger CouchGoin’ on a Safari Sofa

Isn’t this Tiger Couch grrrrreat?! This couch originated in Rome and was designed by Rodolfo Rocchetti.


Giant Lawn CouchGrass Sofa

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! This giant lawn sofa is one of nearly a dozen “open-air sitting rooms” in the British Isles. These were created after a study was released showing that families were spending almost 43 hours a week sitting on the couch. These “sittings rooms” are meant to encourage families to head outdoors – even if they continue to be couch potatoes!


Pool Table SofaPool Table Sofa

Talk about a two for one! This vintage “Snooker Sofa” was created in the United Kingdom in the 1970′s and was sold as a limited edition piece. It was upholstered by a company called Accrington and manufactured by the company Riley. Pretty neat, huh?

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Jazzing up your Fitness Routine

fitness photoIf you’re looking to shed a few pounds, gain muscle, or release some endorphins, you will love this week’s blog! In the following post, we hear from Marketing Specialist Emily Brady, who suggests a few ways to jazz up your fitness routine. If you’re living at a BH property with a fitness center, be sure to take advantage of these tips right at your community!

We all know how much fun jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes can be, so why not shake up your routine? This will not only make your workout more fun, but will help you work different muscles, ultimately helping you tone up from head to toe!

Many gyms have fitness on demand videos in their yoga rooms – take advantage! Try a beginner kickboxing or a step/spin video.  You might find something you really like, or may end up wanting to sign up for a weekly class!

Sign up for a fun run.  There are several ‘5k fun runs’ that take place throughout the summer. Check out to find one near you.  Taking part in a ‘fun run’ will help you increase your speed, give you the chance to socialize, and help improve your mood!

Try out new machines.  While they might look intimidating, weight lifting machines are great tools that can help you tone up! Having a personal trainer or friend who is well versed in the workout world show you some new moves is a great way to get acclimated! Even adding two to three new weight machines to your workout regimen can significantly increase calories burned, inches lost and overall health.

Try free weights during cardio!  Only have 20 minutes to work out, but still want to feel the burn? Invest in some small hand and ankle weights to wear while you are jogging, biking or using the elliptical machine. These are very inexpensive and can take your quick workout to the next level!


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