Decorating Your Apartment for Fall

Fall is just around the corner. The unofficial start (Labor Day) has passed, and the official start (September 22nd) is just a few weeks away. By now, almost all the stores have gotten in the spirit of the season by stocking up on their Fall décor, and it’s time you did too! We’re here to help you decorate your apartment for Fall in some really easy ways!


  1. Fall Foliagefall foliage

First stop, fall foliage. Fall décor wouldn’t be complete without some fall foliage. Pick up some fall leaves at a local craft store or go the free route and pick some up outside, and decorate a bookshelf and/or table with them. Fill a vase with pinecones or acorns. Try swapping flowers for colorful leaves (on or off the branch) in a display. Buy various sizes of pumpkins for a spot on a coffee table, a side table, a book shelf, or even in a corner that needs some color.



  1. Flowersfall flowers

Whether fake or real, adding flowers to your life in a Fall is full proof plan to get in the spirit of the season. You can find them reasonable priced at many stores. And they come in an assortment of Fall colors! If you go the fake route, you can mix and match to make your own perfect bouquet that will last you for years.



  1. Pillowscouch 2

Pillows may seem like an odd choice when decorating for a season, but changing the pop of color on your couch from your Spring or Summer color pillows to a deeper color in the Orange and Red family can really transform your whole space. Plus, it won’t put a burden on your wallet!



  1. Fireplacefireplace

Get your fireplace going! Nothing says Fall more than the crispness in the air and the first fire in your own fireplace. So, you don’t have a fireplace in your apartment? That’s alright! Check out this compact electric fireplace from Home Depot. It has a realistic flame AND produces heat! It can provide you all the comforts of a real fireplace, in the comfort of your own apartment! And without the mess!



  1. Fall Smellsfall smells 1

A way you might not think about transforming your apartment for Fall is by the way it smells. There are tons of great scents out there that emanate the feeling of Fall. From apple, to cinnamon, to berry, to pumpkin… the possibilities are really endless, and those really just scratch the surface. You can get scents in potpourri form, which can be a nice decoration as well. You can get also them in candle form. Or you can get a cheap air freshener (that still smells great!) if you don’t want it to be out in the open.


These tips will give you a head start on preparing for the upcoming season. What other tips do you have to add? What have you already done to decorate your apartment for Fall? We want to know!

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