Puppy Proofing Your Apartment

So you’ve moved into your amazing, new apartment. We’re so excited! By now you’re probably all settled. Everything is in its perfect place with not a thing out of line. Until…. Your puppy comes along! A puppy is a wonderful thing, but it can wreak havoc on your home if you aren’t prepared. We’re here with some helpful tips to help you puppy proof your apartment so all time spent with your new (or old) puppy will be completely enjoyable!


  1. Put away ALL the food dog-on-counter

This tip is number 1 for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think they can reach it, they will find a way. Most importantly, make sure these foods are put away from your pup at all times, not just when you’re gone. Our first thought is just chocolate, but there are more foods that you need to be wary of for your precious puppy.



  1. Put away the trash trash

Inevitably your puppy will smell something in the trash that they simply cannot live without. This will result in your trash being spread around EVERYWHERE. Even if your trash was kept in a trashcan, keep this away from where you’re keeping your puppy.



  1. Give your puppy space Animal-Planet-Free-Standing-Wooden-Pet-Gate-7dbfabe1-f3ec-489c-b0e8-015dc32a208a_320

No, we don’t mean separate yourself from your puppy, because let’s be honest, cuddling with a puppy is the best thing ever. We mean give them a space that is their own for when you’re gone, or when you need to get things done. This space should preferably not be carpeted – tile or vinyl – so it provides easier cleaning if and when your puppy makes a mess. Also, utilize baby gates to keep your puppy in this area.



  1. Stop your pup from chewing puppy-chewing-shoes

A bad habit of all dogs, but it seems to be especially bad in puppies, is chewing! Chewing on furniture, chewing on cords, chewing on shoes, and even chewing on their own sores. Use this convenient spray and you can salvage your precious furniture and even salvage your pup too – no more gnawing away at those sores!



  1. Leave toys and treats 401.300.0_f2

If you’re leaving them for an extended amount of time, even just for work, leave them plenty of toys and treats to get them through the day. These should distract them from your furniture and other valuables, and help them from being bored at home! But remember, keep them in a space that is easy to clean up and closed off. They may be your precious puppy, but until you can trust that they won’t make a mess of your valuable space, it’s best to keep them in one area.



  1. Food and water Eight-Must-Have-Puppy-Products4

While treats are awesome, and your puppy will love you even more for that than the normal food and water, it’s important to leave them and provide them with the necessities. Always have their food and water dishes on an easy-to-clean surface, like in the kitchen, but in an easily accessibly area as well.



  1. Be your puppy baby-meet-dog-170567605-resized

If you haven’t noticed, your puppy is much smaller than you. It’s hard to see from up above what could be dangerous to them. Get down to their level and look around. Be your puppy. You may notice a stray cord sticking out that your puppy could get caught on and then a lamp would come crashing down. Take a look from their perspective to assure that everything is safe.


The last and best tip to puppy proof your apartment is prepare yourself to have a lot of fun! We love puppies! Send us a picture of you and your puppy. We’d love to see it!

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