Best Fall Activities

Fall is officially right around the corner, with the start being THIS Monday, September 22nd. Some of you may have been so excited you’ve been counting down the days. Others may be dreading the end of Summer and will be relishing in your last weekend of it, despite whatever your thermostat might read. No matter which side of the line you fall on, everyone can find a Fall activity that they love. Take a look at this list we’ve compiled. We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love!


  1. Fall Treats! FallMarket

Fall has the best treats, by far! While it’s always easier to go out and buy them, you don’t get the delicious smells inside your home. We suggest making your favorite treats this season! From everything pumpkin flavored, to apple cider and apple cider donuts, to the great vegetables that are in season that are great for roasting, to all the soups, chilies, and stews! You really can’t go wrong with food this season! Take a look at our recent blog where we talk about this very important topic more in detail.


  1. Apple Picking applepickign-1

Fall is prime apple season which makes it the perfect time to grab a friend and go apple picking for your favorite variety. You don’t have to be a huge health nut to enjoy this activity. There are tons of amazingly delicious treats to be made with apples: apple pie, apple crumble, apple sauce, apple muffins. Plus, a morning or afternoon spent at the orchard usually has more fun activities to fill your day.


  1. Go to a Pumpkin Patch 34039-Vintage-Truck-In-The-Pumpkin-Patch

Fall wouldn’t be complete without a real pumpkin! And to make the experience even more genuine, why not go find it yourself? Pumpkin patches are full of fun for anyone you bring with you. Plus, you can assure you find you perfect pumpkin by picking it out yourself!


  1. Carve a Jack ‘O’ Lantern carve-a-pumpkin-with-power-tools-getty-092713

Once you’ve picked out your perfect pumpkin, the next step is to carve it. Pick out your perfect scary face, or challenge yourself to a more intricate carving. Either way, you’ll have a fun display for the season. Make sure to save those pumpkin seeds for roasting! All they need is a little seasoning and a quick roast, and they’ll be a delicious snack to get you through all of Fall!


  1. Roast Marshmallows 6a00e55225716d88330115705a0f4e970b

Invite some friends over for a backyard bonfire and get your marshmallow roast on! Nothing quite says Fall like a roasted marshmallow. To step it up a notch, have all the ingredients ready to make the perfect S’mores! Whether you like your marshmallows barely toasted or lit on fire, this activity is a must for all Fall lists!



This list is just our Top 5. There are so many more great things to do during Fall! We suggest visiting a Haunted House, taking a hay ride, going to a corn maze, and taking in as much of the Fall foliage as you can! What are your favorite Fall activities?

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