Tips to Save on Costs While Keeping Your Home Warm

With Fall getting ready to get into full swing, we all will be starting to turn our heat on more and more. For a lot of us, this means a higher energy bill. With some easy planning and preparation, you can keep your energy bill low all season long, and stay nice and toasty warm the whole time too! Take a look at these great tips we’ve compiled.


  1. Use your windows wisely dc2e34469fadae9d59bef6b27b3a7fc5

If you didn’t already know, the sun is a very powerful heat source. If the sun is shining, have your blinds open. Gain all the natural heat you can. When the sun goes down, close your blinds so you can keep in your heat. If your windows don’t seal well (or even if they do), invest in weather stripping. So much heat escapes through your windows, and weather stripping them is an easy and cheap solution to the problem.


  1. Maximize your space heater usage DSC_0354

A great energy/money saver lies in only heating the rooms you use, or not heating them at all! The latter may be the more drastic choice, so we’ll describe the less scary one first. It’s a lot simpler than it may seem to only heat certain rooms. For example, do you really need to heat your bathroom? Probably not. So close the vent so you don’t spend money heating it and that heat can go to another room. The more drastic of the two would be to not turn on your heat at all. Using a space heater in the room you are in will warm you up, while not spending the energy to keep unnecessary rooms heated.


  1. Lower the heat for 8 hours thermostat-feat-300x336

This tip piggy backs on the last one, but if you can lower your thermostat heat by 10-15° degrees for 8 hours every day, you can save yourself 10% per year on your heating bill.  What is a big chunk of time you might ask? Well, there are two good options. Either when you’re sleeping or while you’re at work. Obviously there are other options, but you’re not at home when you’re at work so you won’t notice, and when you’re sleeping you can add flannel sheets or more covers to keep yourself warm.


  1. Use a humidifier humidifier_home

Using a humidifier has many benefits. In the winter time the air can become very dry, especially in your home. Adding moisture to the air with the humidifier makes the air feel warmer, and moist air holds heat better. Using a humidifier allows you to lower your temperature, while still feeling comfortable and warm, thus saving money! If you don’t want to invest in a humidifier (although you can find them cheap), several house plants can add humidity to your apartment as well.


  1. Layer it up!

This may be our most simple tip of all, but it is probably the most forgotten. You can always add another layer. So your apartment is cold? Throw on a jacket. Your ears are cold? Throw on a hat, or a scarf! There are tons of warm accessories that can be worn to keep the temperature down. We aren’t suggesting you freeze yourself out, but adding layers to your wardrobe allows you to be more flexible with the temperature of your home.










We hope these tips help you save money during the upcoming seasons while still remaining warm! What tips do you have that we’ve forgotten? Let us know in the comments.


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