Maintenance Super Hero Story

We asked and you all definitely delivered! While there were no fires that needed putting out or kittens that needed saving, there were definitely plenty of Super Hero worthy moments. You made choosing hard, but somehow we chose a winner. Jon, the Maintenance Super Hero for Paces River, really went above and beyond in this story and pulled out the win for his property. Read the great story below!


Currently, there is a storm drain on the property that previously flooded 2 occupied units and it continues to backup during very heavy rains; contractors are scheduled to re-grade the area, etc. but, until this work is completed, it has potential to re-flood occupied units. When the drain backs up, the water rises well above waist level. Last weekend, the property was under flood warnings and the rain was very heavy, Jon quickly acted to check the drain. When he arrived, the drain had begun backing up and the water was already waist deep but he proceeded to get in to clear the drain. While in the dark and pouring down rain, Jon still managed to clear the drain! His swift action prevented the residents from having further flooding and water damage and he additionally saved the property a significant amount of money by making sure the drain was cleared.
Jon always goes above and beyond to do his job as well as make sure that residents are well taken care of.


We appreciate all of our Maintenance Super Heroes so much. We couldn’t do what we do without you. SH

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