Property Appeal is More Than Skin Deep

When we think about property appeal it is a common occurrence to think primarily of just curb appeal. But your property appeal is so much more than that. Read through our tips to make sure you hit all aspects of your property appeal!


  1. Curb Appeal timthumb

It’s the most obvious so why not start with it? With Fall in full swing, you have an even bigger task of keeping your curb pristine and clean. We all love those Fall colors, but it’s important to keep the leaves raked, the lawn mowed and free of all grass clippings and trash. Landscaping is an important part of your curb appeal, so make sure to have all of your trees and bushes trimmed, and your flower beds tended and free of weeds. And make sure to have some landscaping too! A pretty and vibrant property is welcoming and invites residents in, just make sure to take care of it!

  1. Model Appeal interior-living-room-awesome-small-apartment-living-room-with-comfortable-grey-sofa-also-white-painted-oak-wood-long-leg-chair-for-minimalist-apartment-perfect-model-of-small-apartment-living-room-wi

How does your model look? Would you want to live there? When you’re taking potential residents to your model make sure it is clean, all light fixtures have working bulbs, and the beds must all be neatly made. This is your chance to blow away any one who walks in your door very easily! Don’t give them a reason to walk away from a model that simply lacks in appeal.

  1. Office Appeal Canyon_Crest_Views_Leasing_Office

Making sure your office is clean and presentable is just as important as anything else. In this category is also how you present yourself because this is where you will most likely be meeting your potential residents. Make sure your leasing center is clean, and welcoming. Make sure your desk is presentable as well. A cluttered desk could give a bad vibe, and you want to make sure in everything you’re doing, you’re appealing to potential residents. As a bonus to the office appeal, this is where you can put some of your outreach for potential residents! If a potential resident can take something away with them after coming in your office, that’s a huge bonus.

  1. Weekend Appeal office_woman_thumbsup

It’s important that the property that is shown Monday through Friday is the same that is shown Saturday and Sunday. Some properties have a tendency to change personalities over the weekend, but that’s an easy fix. Weekends can be very busy, so make sure to have enough staff and enough open hours to see your prospective residents. Also, it’s important to have someone keeping an eye on your curb appeal during these busy times to make sure that doesn’t get away from you.

  1. Night Appeal architecture-interesting-apartment-building-plans-project-designed-in-the-night-with-beautiful-gold-shining-light-from-inside-also-large-space-basement-parking-lot-and-fascinating-grey-painted-wall-bu-922x718

Do you know what your property looks like at night? Do all of your lights work? Are there places that could use lights that don’t have them? The night appeal is important to potential and current residents because it makes them feel safe, and what’s more appealing to people than a sense of security? If you can provide that for people, you’ll have them lining up at your door!


We hope these tips have been helpful. What do you think is the most important part of a property’s appeal? Let us know in the comments!

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