The Best Holiday Foods

The holidays are known for many great things. For some they enjoy the time where family gets together. For others they enjoy the break from a long year of work. One thing everyone can agree on is that they all enjoy the food that comes along with the holidays. We’re going to take you through the best foods of the holidays and make all of you salivate in the process!


  1. The meats turkey_thumb

You can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey. It’s a staple to everyone’s meal. It may not be your favorite, but it really does make the day feel complete. Also, a delicious ham is added by some. Bonus points if it’s honey glazed ham. Just delicious!


  1. The potatoes sweet-potatoes-richard-l

This topic could raise quite the debate over which is the favored potato of the holiday season. For some, it’s the delicious and creamy mashed potatoes. For others, it’s the warm, sweet potato, sometimes with marshmallows for an added bonus. There are many other delicious potatoes, but these seem to be the two winners. But really, who are we kidding? We’re the real winners here!


  1. The veggies gbc

We snuck the veggies in the middle here because even though they can be delicious and often forgotten, they aren’t the stars of the meal. We don’t want to forget about them though, because holidays wouldn’t be the same without a good green bean casserole, some cooked carrots, and corn. Yum!


  1. The pies PIE

Dessert. You’ve eaten all day and then somehow you find room for more. How do you do it? Pies are how you do it. Pumpkin. Apple. Pecan. It’s the holiday pie trifecta. If you have those pies, your holiday celebration can’t go wrong. Of course, that’s just where the deliciousness begins. There are an assortment of chocolate pies to choose from, cherry, lemon, and even sweet potato. Go wherever you pie-loving heart takes you!


  1. The extras cranberry-sauce-web

Now, we’ve barely scratched the surface of great holiday foods. There’s still gravy, which we want to put on everything. Cranberry sauce can always be counted on for bringing the color to our plates. Then there’s your dressing (or stuffing, depending on what part of the country you’re from). It blends so many delicious flavors into one that it definitely can’t be left off the menu. And last, but most certainly not least is the roll. You eat it all year round, but it tastes a little more delicious during the holiday season for some unknown reason. It’s delicious by itself and when you’re sopping up all the gravy left on your plate. Mmmmmm.


Wow, who else is hungry? Which of these is your favorite? Or did we leave your favorite off the list? Let us know if the comments! But more than anything, Happy Holidays and enjoy the food!


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