Easy Tips for Preparing for your Holiday Travel


The holidays are in full swing. People will soon be coming and going from their homes for those holiday vacations we all look forward to throughout the year. Hopefully all gift shopping has been completed and you can move on to thinking about your travel prep. If you haven’t gotten there yet, we’re here to help! Use these tips, and you’ll be out the door without a problem!


  1. Check your utilities. thermostat-feat-300x336

When gone for extended periods of time, there is no sense in racking up more cost on any of your utility bills. Before leaving, unplug everything (minus the fridge). Turn off your thermostat or down to an appropriate temperature. Make sure all water is turned off. Anything that you’re paying for in your apartment, check it!


  1. Pay your rent. Calendar marked to show rent due

This tip applies mainly if you’re taking an extra extended holiday through the New Year, or if simply if you’re taking any time for the New Year holiday weekend. It a late fee would not be a very good welcome home, so go ahead and pay that rent ahead of time.


  1. Hold your mail. 02adco.600

Again, this depends on how long you’re gone. If you’re just take a few days, your mail won’t build up, but if you’re taking a week or more, sometimes it’s best to call the mail and have them hold your mail so it won’t be overflowing in your mailbox, waiting for you in front of your door, or in the office. If you don’t hold your mail, ask a neighbor to pick up any packages for you that don’t make it to the office.


  1. What about your pet? dog-with-heart

Have you made plans for your pet yet? There are many options. They could come with you. You could get a dog sitter. You could board them at a kennel. Whatever option you choose, make sure you plan ahead as many other pet lovers around the holidays will be trying to make plans too and spots could fill up!


  1. Throw out food. Capture

Check all of you food and throw out any old food before you leave. If you’ll be gone for a while, throw out any food that will go bad. The last thing you want to come home to is a rotten smell in your fridge after a great holiday. After doing this, collect all of your trash and take it out when you leave.


  1. Close and lock your windows and doors. image1

Last but not least, close and lock all of your windows and doors. Before you leave, make a last minute run through of your apartment to make sure all windows are latched tight and locked. If you have a balcony or patio, make sure these doors are locked. While doing this run through, you can also check to make sure everything is unplugged one last time. Then, the last step is to lock your front door.


Now you’re home free to wherever your holiday vacation takes you! We hope you enjoy your holiday. Did we leave out any tips that are musts for you? Tell us in the comments!


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