What do you do with all that extra Turkey?

Holiday time usually means lots of turkey. And then it means lots of leftover turkey. In some instances leftovers are better than the first time around, but after so much turkey, wouldn’t it be nice to have some unique ways to eat those leftovers? We’ve got some easy and delicious turkey leftover recipes for you that could challenge the original holiday meal itself!


  1. Turkey Reuben turkey-reuben_300

Not much is easier than a sandwich, and not much is more delicious. All you’ll need for this delicious Reuben is: (amounts are dependent on number of sandwiches)

-Slices of turkey
-Rye bread
-Dijon mustard
-Russian dressing
-Swiss cheese slices

See the full recipe here.


  1. Turkey Parmesan 1107_thanksgiving_parmesan_04

Everyone loves a good chicken parmesan, but what about turkey parmesan? Can you say delicious? All you’ll need for this leftover treat is:

-Slices of turkey
-Italian seasoning
-Jar of tomato sauce
-Mozzarella cheese
-Parmesan cheese

See the full recipe here.


  1. Turkey Hash with Fried Eggs turkey-hash_300

Hashes are notorious for being super easy, and super delicious. This recipe calls for fried eggs, but it could easily be made with scrambled if that’s how you like them. Here’s what you’ll need:

-Red potatoes
-Red bell pepper

See the full recipe here.


We hope, with the help of these recipes, that your holiday meal and your holiday leftovers will all be fantastic. Is there a special way you like to spruce up your leftovers? We want to know!

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