Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

No matter how much you love your new place – whether it’s in the perfect location, has an amazing balcony, or the perfect open kitchen – moving is one of the worst things. There’s unloading your boxes, moving your couch, arranging and rearranging all of your furniture. Needless to say, it’s a very tedious process. Afterwards, it’s hard to muster any more energy than simply unpacking. But unpacking won’t make you feel at home. You don’t want to exist in your apartment, you want to live in your home. With these easy tips, your apartment will feel like home in no time!


  1. Cover your walls. how-to-decorate-walls-with-pictures-003

Blank spaces are boring. Don’t settle for living it! Invest in some good wall art – you can find pieces discounted at department stores, but it’s also great to invest in a piece that will mean something to you that you can keep for a long time. Also, if you have a plain covered wall, considered covering it with a colored sheet to add a pop of color to your space. There are plenty of ways to cover walls – a Polaroid picture wall, a wall of frames, etc. Any way you choose will make your apartment feel homier.


  1. Add lighting. lamp-shades-for-table-lamps

The lighting of your room affects your entire space. Some apartments don’t have the best lighting so it’s important to brighten them up. During this brightening process it’s good to put your own stamp on the design by picking a lighting fixture that reflects who you are, or at least one that you’ll enjoy. Don’t go for the boring, generic bedside lamp just because it’s $1 cheaper. Get the blue one that looks a little unique and matches your new painting.


  1. Pick your scent. images

What is your favorite scent? Why doesn’t your apartment smell like that? Often new apartments can smell a little stagnant after all the cleaning and painting that goes in to preparing them. There are so many ways to get your apartment smelling amazing. Pick your favorite scent and spread it through your apartment, or switch it up every season! What homier way to welcome yourself home than to walk through your door to an amazing smell?!


  1. Warm up your floors. floor-shag-rug_copy

Cold floors aren’t homey. Non-carpeted floors are easier to clean, but they sometimes put off a less homey feel. You can easily warm up your home with an area rug. This rug can also add some color to your space as well. While you’re warming up your floors, warm up yourself. Make sure you always have a blanket on hand, or a basket of blankets, even if you aren’t a person who gets cold. Blankets put off a very homey feel.


  1. Add life. apartment-flowers

There’s no easier way to liven up a dead space than to add life to it! The easiest way to do this is with plants. If you like tending to plants, get one you can prune and take care of. If you’re more into the beauty, pick out your favorite flower, and simply water. If you have a patio or a porch, think about adding plants outside too. If real plants aren’t your thing, fake plants can do the trick of livening up a space just as easily and with no work!


If you follow these 5 easy steps, your apartment will feel so much like home, you’ll never want to move again! Do you have any go-to tips for making your space feel homey? Tell us in the comments!

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