How to Throw a Winning Super Bowl Party in Your Apartment

With the Super Bowl only two weeks away it’s time to start thinking about the big bash you’re going to throw. How many people are you going to invite? What kind of food are you going to serve? These are all important things to consider. We’re here to make you’re party go off seamlessly and be a hit at the same time!


  1. The Preparation. football plates

There are many things that go into preparing for any type of party. Football games are synonymous with rowdiness, so make sure that anything breakable is out of the viewing area. Also, this is the time to plan your menu and plan your invite list. The day of is never the time to invite someone to a Super Bowl party because everyone will already have plans. And if you wait to plan your menu, you’ll be scrambling and stressed last minute. Also, save yourself the clean-up stress and buy disposable plates, cups and silverware. You don’t want to be washing dishes all night after hosting a big party! Just simply toss them in the trash!


  1. The Menu. Healthy-Super-Bowl-Snacks-Dips

This is almost the most anticipated thing about Super Bowl Sunday, behind the actual game or the commercials – depending on who you are. So, if you’re hosting a party, it’s very important that your food is on point. Obviously, you have to have the chips and dip, wings, as well as little smokey’s or meatballs. But it’s always good to throw in a surprise too. Whatever menu you decide on, make sure you have enough to refill in case you have an extra hungry crowd. As far as drinks go, this is a good place to have guests bring their own. You can ensure they’ll have something they like, plus, it saves you from having to pick up every soda on the shelf.


  1. The Set-Up. superbowl_rect540

This is a very all-encompassing section, but it is important that your set-up is just right for optimum enjoyment. You need to make sure you have enough seats for all of your guests – floor seats are fine as long as they have pillows. You also need to make sure that everyone can see your TV. If you’re having a really large group, or your TV isn’t that big, consider projecting the game on the wall to make sure everyone can enjoy it from wherever they’re sitting.


  1. The Teams. 13fb4baebffda74cd63912bd87d21421

Did we mention there’s a football game going on? If you or any of your guests are particularly passionate about either of the teams playing consider decorating for one of the teams (or both). You can have guests pick a team and where that teams colors to the party. You can place bets, or make a game out of it. Everyone for one team can bring chips, while everyone for the other team can bring dessert. You can even have the guests who picked the losing team help with clean up! There’s a ton of ways you can play it!


We hope everyone enjoys whichever aspect of the Super Bowl is their favorite! What important Super Bowl party planning tips did we forget? What part of the Super Bowl is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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