How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Apartment

In case you’ve somehow missed the reds and pinks in all the stores, we’re here to let you know that Valentine’s Day is just about a week away. If you’re not a fan of crowds, we’ve got some great tips on how you can celebrate the romantic day (with or without a significant other) in your own home.


  1. Spring for the best! hercampus1_3

Valentine’s Day isn’t a day you have to be overly budget conscious. If you’re favorite food is steak, it’s the perfect day to treat yourself to it. The day is about love, after all, so love yourself! But, if you are really in the mood for pizza, there’s nothing wrong with ordering pizza and vegging out. It’s about what you want, because this day is about making you happy (and your significant other if there’s one there). Also, if you’re dining with someone else, it’s the perfect day to bring out your best dishes. There are too many opportunities to get extra fancy, so let this Valentine’s Day be one of them!


  1. Mood lighting. MOS-Rich-Elegant-Table-Candles

As we’ve already said, this day is all about romance, so it’s important to set the mood. Turn on just the side lamps instead of overhead lighting. Get creative with candles. If you aren’t able to have real candles, consider flameless candles, because what would a Valentine’s Day be without candles?


  1. Decorate! love

This is an easy holiday to decorate for. Cut ou
t some paper hearts, even a string of paper hearts and hang them around your apartment. There are tons of DIY things you can do to keep this aspect of Valentine’s Day cheap but also super fun. And to finish off the decorations, a vase of flowers, a must. They don’t have to be roses. Pick your favorites!


  1. Think Ahead for Music and Movies watching-movie-thinkstock-e1317159615397

If you’re eating dinner with someone, having some good mood music is key, and you don’t want to be fumbling around trying to find something when they’ve already arrived at your apartment. Have this picked out ahead of time. After all of the above, you’ll have had an amazing night already, but end with a movie, because, why not? But already have some choices picked out because no one enjoys the “I don’t care, you pick,” moments. Take charge and pick your favorites! Everyone loves movies, especially romcoms, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to watch one. It’s the day romcoms were made for. Curl up on the couch under your favorite blanket and enjoy!


  1. Bonus – Chocolate! chocolate-strawberries

We couldn’t leave of the chocolate. No Valentine’s Day would be complete without chocolate. Pick out your favorite form, whether it’s Dove, M&Ms, chocolate covered strawberries, or frosting straight from the container, today’s the day to enjoy all the chocolate you want!


How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day?

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