Guest Blog – The Year Ahead for the Training Department

For this week’s blog we were lucky enough to have a Guest Blogger! Thank you to Allie Ammann (Sales and Support Training Assistant) for giving us a look ahead into what the Training Department has in store for us this year. It looks like an exciting year! Take a look!


A new year means new opportunities! BH Management’s seminars are back and better than ever. The Training Department will be coordinating two seminars throughout the year.  With the growth of our company, the hopes are to expand the locations and grow in participant size.

Leasing seminars will be taking place at the beginning of 2015. We will be providing speakers to share their past on-site experiences to excite the attendees. The seminars will give Leasing Consultants the opportunity to listen to inspiring stories and uplifting speeches from the speaker, eat amazing food, and fundamentally, feel important doing their job.

The end of the year can be an exhausting time for our maintenance teams. With heaters going out, snow removal, or having to put salt on the sidewalks, our maintenance teams deserve a break. We will be having maintenance seminars for our teams all around the nation. Maintenance members will be able to take time out of their busy schedules to relax and listen to a speaker who can connect with their daily duties. Last year we had a really exciting lineup of speakers, and we’ll have just as exciting speakers this year.

For all the work our maintenance teams do, we enjoy showing them how appreciated and important they are to our team. Last year’s Maintenance Appreciation Week was a great success. We were excited to see everyone in the company come together and show their appreciation for their maintenance staff. Maintenance Appreciation Week 2015 will be bigger and better than ever!

The Training Department will be sending out monthly updates on the seminars and when employees are able to register.  Each seminar will capture the employee’s attention and have the group leaving with their heads held high and pride in their hearts for working at BH Management. Stay tuned for a great year ahead!allie

-Allie Ammann
Sales and Support Training Assistant

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