Easy Steps to Decorating for Spring

Spring is finally here and it’s time to bring Spring into your home if you haven’t already. There are tons of easy ways to bring this cheerful season into your home in an inexpensive way. See our tips below and you’ll be feeling the Spring cheer before you know it!


  1. Flowers easy-flowers-apartments

Spring time means the beautiful flowers are all coming back into bloom, so bringing flowers into your home is an easy way to brighten your space and bring it out of the winter gloom. You can find inexpensive real flowers at many stores and markets, or if you want the low maintenance option, you can get artificial flowers that look just as real and will last forever.


  1. Scents glade

While fresh flowers will provide you with some scent, it’s time to change out the air fresheners. No more cinnamons, apples and pinecones. It’s now time for the fresh smells. You can find tons of great smells in all sorts of sizes and are freshener types. Fresh linens, rivers, mountains, rain, etc. Find what’s best for you and fill your space with it!


  1. Curtains and Pillows interior-apartment-decor-ideas-with-wooden-floor-and-red-flower-pattern-fur-rugs-also-round-glass-table-and-white-sofas-also-coorful-and-floral-pattern-cushions-also-fireplace-and-table-lamp-also-case

There are some pieces in your apartment that can’t change seasonally, but there are others that should be to keep up with the season. You can’t change the color or your couch unless you like couch covers and want one for every season. But you can change pillows and curtains. It’s time to take down the dark curtains and put away the darker toned orange and red pillows. It’s time for lighter tones or green, blue, yellow, etc. Pick the color you like best or that will go with your décor best in a light color.


  1. Door Wreath DSC00205_TulipWreath__21841.1405399462.1280.1280

The finishing touch to any good Spring makeover (after a good spring cleaning – see instructions here) is your door wreath. It’s always a great welcome home to have a wreath on your door when you get home. It’s almost assured to make you smile. If you had a Fall or Winter wreath on before, it’s time to take that down. If you didn’t have one before, it’s time to get one! The outside of your home is still your home, so you should still decorate it too!


BONUS: Color! 506ae6e1d9127e30e4001409._w.1500_s.fit_

Anywhere you can add color to you apartment, do it! Spring is the time color comes back to our lives, so bring it back into your apartment as much as you can. It’s sure to bring a few more smiles and a little more happiness to your life.


Have you transitioned your home to Spring yet? What is your favorite part of your home to decorate?

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