How to Beat Spring Allergies

In case you haven’t noticed, spring is here! April showers are in full force and with that comes those dreaded allergies. We’ve made it through the harsh winter and then, bam! Sore throats and sneezing are back again because of those allergies. One study showed that 55% of workers reported using sick days because of their allergies! We’ve compiled a list of ways for you to combat your allergies so you can suffer no longer!

1. Treat Them Early. Spring_Allergies-
Your allergies don’t start as soon as spring is “officially” here. Your allergies start building up once the weather starts getting warmer. Don’t ignore these early months or you may have a snowball effect with your symptoms. Treating early allows you to kick the sickness from the start.

2. Know What Medicines Work For You. meds
Some medicines won’t work and some will. We’re not doctors, but we’re almost certain there is a medicine out there that can help you with your allergies. There are plenty of over the counter varieties and behind the counter varieties. If one doesn’t work, you can always find another, but once you’ve found one that works for you, make sure you have it on hand for when those allergies arise.

3. Control Your Environment. germguardian_digital_air_cleaning_system_model_ac4850pt_germs_lg
Aren’t you so excited it’s getting warm outside again? Doesn’t that breeze from the open window feel great? Well, that could be the cause of some of your allergies. The wind blows around all sorts of allergens in the air that will come in through your open window and now only make you sick, but then pollute your home. As much as you want to open your windows, if you have allergies, it’s best to keep them closed. Additionally, make sure all of your filters in your home are changed frequently, and consider having an air filter running constantly to circulate more of the air. Lastly, when you’re outside, try to wear sunglasses as much as possible to prevent allergens from flying into your eyes.

4. Self-Care. 172756327
There are several self-care ways to help with your allergies. The first thing you can do is to take a shower at night to make sure to rinse off any allergens that may be stuck to your skin or hair. You can also clean your sinuses. It is recommended to clear them with a little salt water or to use a neti pot. Lastly, make sure to eat smart! There are several foods that help fight your allergies such as, nuts, certain fruits, fish and tomatoes.

5. Go To An Allergist. Allergist-uwimages-Fotolia_sm
If none of the above work, or if you have very severe allergies, you should probably go see an allergist. In fact, if you have allergies and have never gone to see an allergist, you should probably go see an allergist just to learn more about your allergies from an expert. They will be able to prescribe you medicine if you need it, and test you to see exactly what it is you are allergic to so you know what to avoid or how to develop a plan to live your life around that allergy.


Do any of you have allergies? How do you try and beat them?

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