The Easy, Inexpensive Way to Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the often forgotten places in our homes. We are all very eager to decorate our bedrooms and our living rooms, but what about the bathroom? There is so much you can do to upgrade this space in an easy and inexpensive way, even if you’re just renting it.

1. COLOR! shabby-chic-shower-curtains
First and foremost, add some color! Color gives any room a much needed pop and automatically brings the room to a new level. You can add this color through you shower curtain, bath mats, towels (new ones for your use and decorative ones), and any decorations you may have.

2. Decorations simple-bathroom-idea-ideas-spa-accessories-home-Best-Bathroom-Spas-Design-Ideas
Yes, you read that right! Decorations in your bathroom! Put some fake flowers on your counter. Put a cute sign on the wall, or even a great piece of art. When it looks like you’ve put some thought into where things should go in your space and the pieces you’ve chosen, it instantly upgrades it.

3. Fixtures towel
You don’t have to settle for the fixtures that you inherit in your bathroom. Install a shower head that you love and that gives you the water pressure you’ve been dying for since you moved in. Hang towel hooks on the wall that match the color scheme but also add a unique bit of flair.

4. Organization traditional-and-cute-white-bathroom-storage-cabinet-with-drawer-with-the-neat-arrangement-for-bathroom-with-flower-pot-and-towel-hanger-with-big-vanity-and-mirror
One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to upgrade your space is organization. Your bathroom can instantly seem less nice just by a little bit of clutter. If there are hair products that you use every day and want out on your counter, get a basket to put them in. If you have a lot of shower products, get a hanging rack to arrange them in instead of lining the tub. If you need more storage in your bathroom, consider an old nightstand, or something you can upcycle. It will give it the flair you want at the price you want.

How do you plan to upgrade your bathroom? What is your favorite way you’ve already upgraded it? Let us know in the comments!

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