5 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Barking in Your Apartment

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to sleep. You’re watching a movie. Maybe you have a headache. And then all of the sudden, the neighbor’s dog starts barking. Whatever you may be doing, it always seems to be at the worst time and it always seems to be louder and longer than the time before. If this hasn’t happened to you, you’re lucky! If you think you may be that neighbor, don’t worry! We’ve got some helpful tips to help ease the tension between you and your neighbors!

1. Wear Them Out lab-jog-with-a-dog
Whether you’re off to bed, or heading to work, one of the easiest methods to keeping a dog from barking is to wear them out. Take them on your morning and/or evening run. Play with them around your apartment. A big reason dogs bark is because they are bored or restless, so if you can wear them out, they’ll be more like to stay quiet while you’re gone or sleeping.

2. Keep Them Entertained s690784073645197232_p171_i3_w1024
While you’re off to work for the day, your pup has to stay at home. It’s hard to blame them for barking sometimes. There are lots of great ways to keep them entertained for the long day while you’re gone. You could give them a nearly empty jar of peanut bar – they’ll spend a long time attempting to get this clean. You can buy a Kong, which is a toy specifically designed to keep dogs entertained. You put peanut butter inside of the toy and they’ll spend all day trying to get it all out. You could do a make your own version with a tennis ball. Just cut slits into the sides and put treats inside.

3. Block Their View photolibrary_rm_photo_of_spaniel_looking_out_window
As a back-up plan to wearing them out and keeping them entertained, it’s best to block your dog’s view as well. I know you may want to give them a view to entertain them more, but dogs tend to only bark as a response to something. If they are looking at a window, they could potentially bark every time they see a person, a squirrel, a bird, etc. If that were to happen, you could imagine how frustrated your neighbors would become.

4. Give Them Positive Reinforcement shutterstock_dog_treat
Throughout all of these tips we’ve been focusing on ways to keep your dog from doing a negative act. It’s important, however, to remember that while a dog is learning, or at any age for that matter, that when your dog does something right, you need to give them positive reinforcement. So, when your dog stops barking, or looks out the window and doesn’t bark at the passerby, or doesn’t bark when someone knocks at your door, you need to give them positive reinforcements – through treats and positive attention – to let them know they did the right thing.

5. Get Them Trained child-training-dog
Last, but most certainly not least, it is important to get your dog trained. If your dog is well-trained it will ease all of your worries and you’ll have happy neighbors. Additionally, it is beneficial for you to have you dog trained so they can respond better to life in an apartment, and so the two of you can work together better. A well-trained dog makes everyone happy: you, your dog, and your neighbors!

What tricks have you tried to help you dog to learn to stop barking? How have you eased your neighbor’s frustrations? Let us know in the comments.

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