5 Tips to Reduce Your Summer Utility Bills

The summer months can be quite treacherous in numerous ways. We get the worst of all kinds of terrible weather. We get terrible rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, and heat. This up and down swing of weather is quite treacherous on your utility bill, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Follow our tips and you’ll see your bill lower in no time!

1. Unplug and Turn Lights Off 

This tip is something you should do all year long to save money. Any device that you are not using, you should unplug. Any lamps, or chargers, and even TVs and coffee pots. All you’re doing by leaving them plugged in all day is taking money out of your own pocket. If this is a complete hassle to you, consider buying a Smart Strip which will automatically cut the power on your devices down when you don’t need it. Additionally, make sure you’re always turning off lights when you leave a room and use natural light when possible.

2. Use a Fan this_dog_has_a_fan1

If you can get by on the air from a fan instead of your air conditioner, this will save you so much in the long run. If you don’t have an overhead fan, no problem! You can buy one personal fan and have it blowing towards you in whatever room you are in. This is a bonus as well because all the power that is running, and all the air that it is cooling off, is all focused towards you as opposed towards the entirety of your home.

3. Close Vents 37717

If you aren’t in a room, there’s no since in cooling that room off. If it’s time to go to bed, close the vents to the rest of your home and just leave the bedroom vent open so that you are solely paying to cool the room you are in. Alternatively, if you are in the kitchen cooking or hanging out in the living room, you don’t need to cool off your bedroom, so you can close that vent.

4. Keep AC Off 8390008

Do you work from home? No? Then you should probably turn your AC off during the day. There’s no sense in paying to keep a place cool for 8+ hours a day when no one is there. By turning your AC off while you’re gone, you’ll save yourself a ton of money. Additionally, if you take a trip, make sure you turn your AC off (as well as unplug everything).

5. Open Windows Open-windows

While this may not be a great idea for the heat of the day, but sleeping with the windows open at night can definitely cool your place down. The lowest temperature of the day is always during the night so why night take advantage of this time to cool your home down a few degrees? Open those windows up, turn on your fan, and get cozy under your covers while you save yourself some money!

How do you save money on your bills in the summer time? We want to know!

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