5 Tips for Moving on Short Notice

Moving is never a fun task, but the average American will move 11 times in their lifetime. We should all be pros at it, right? Wrong. Unless you’re a professional mover, moving is not something you’re ever really ready for. Try as you may, the day will sneak up on you, and you’ll be running around the night before with tons of last minute things to do. What’s even worse, is if you have to move on short notice. How are you supposed to fit all of your procrastinating in in less time? We’ve got some great tips for you to help on your next short notice move.

1. Organize and Prepare blog_moving-checklist
This step is all about your strategic preparing. Confirm you move in date to your new home, and your move out date of your current home. Make a list of any and all possible need packing items. You don’t want to be running to the store the night before your move. Set goals and deadlines for managing your move. The kitchen needs to be packed this weekend, and the bathroom by Friday, etc. Hard deadlines that you stick to make it easier to get through the process as long as you follow through.

2. Movers, Friends, Family, or by Yourself? 
How are you going to get your stuff from one place to another? This is a crucial part of the moving process and it’s something to think about very early on in the moving process. If you’re hiring movers, this needs to be scheduled as far in advance as possible to ensure they are available on your move date. Make sure you shop around. It’s important to find quality movers, but also look at price. The price can vary drastically from mover to mover – and cost is just as important. If you’re recruiting friends and family, they need to be asked in advance too. Also, since it’s assumed you won’t be paying them, how will you be rewarding them? A pizza dinner maybe? Make sure you do something to thank them for their hardwork for you. Will you be able to load everything in your vehicles, or will you need to rent something like a U-Haul? This has to be arranged in advance, as well, so think about that during your moving process.

3. Purge! pile-of-clothes
There is absolutely no sense in moving things you don’t need or want. It’s a waste of your time, and anyone who’s helping you’s time. When you’re going through each item in your home think to yourself, “Do I use this? Do I wear this? Is this worth moving?” If you answer “”No” to any of those throw away or donate the item. Don’t move a ton of clothes you don’t wear. Don’t move a broken table you’ve been too lazy to throw out. Now is the time to get rid of things so your next place won’t be overcrowded with things you don’t use.

4. Label Smartly and Strategically smartapeweb
Labeling your boxes is a crucial part of your move. No labeling can quickly turn your move into a downward spiral of chaos. Simply writing what’s in the box is okay, because helpers can guess where things go, but if they guess wrong you’re going to be spending a lot of time moving boxes to their correct room to unpack. The best way to label boxes is with a color system. Get colored tape, and use each color for a certain room of the home. All blue labeled boxes go in the kitchen, red in the living room, purple in the bedroom, etc. This will make things smoother for you and your helpers.

5. Right Before the Move overnight
There are some crucial things you can do in the days leading up to your move to make sure everything goes seamlessly. First, make sure you’ve planned your meals out so that you are using up ingredients that will go bad and won’t make it through the move. Next, do you have kids or pets? Who will be taking care of them during the move? An often overlooked task is making arrangements for someone to look after them during the move. Last, pack a last night and first night bag with everything you’ll possibly need in those days (clothes, toiletries, etc.) You don’t want to be digging through packed boxes to find your toothbrush!

With this comprehensive list, you should be all set for your next move. What would you add to this list?

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