Tips for Getting Ready for Back to School

It’s time to check your calendars. Tomorrow is the first of August, which means the start of school is just around the corner. Unfortunately, that means summer fun and relaxed schedules are coming to a close. Don’t let that schedule change sneak up on you! To make you or your kids adjustment back to school easier, we’ve compiled some useful tips.

1. Get Back to Your Sleep Schedule Early fetita(5)
To make you first week back to school as smooth of a transition as possible, we recommend starting a week or two in advance and easing into the morning routine. More than likely, you’ve spent the summer not waking up to an alarm. Start, first, by just waking up to an alarm. Then, start setting it earlier and earlier each day until you get to the time you need to wake up for school. Make sure you reach this time a few days before school starts so your body can get adjusted.

2. Bedtime and Morning Routines in the School Year iStock_000016397543XSmall
Are there certain part of your bedtime or morning routine you only do during the school year? Do you make it a good habit to always read before bed or eat a bowl of cereal before school, but these things have been pushed to the side during the summer? Now is the perfect time to start bringing them back into the routine so the first week of school isn’t more of a shock. Returning to school is already a shock to the schedule you’ve been used to in the summer. Having these routines already back in place will make it easier than trying to add them in that first week too.

3. After School kids-getting-on-the-school-bus-small-2
What are your plans for after school? If you work, will you be able to pick your kids up? Do you need a babysitter? Is there a carpool that you can join? Is there a daycare center they can go to? Can they ride the bus? Are they old enough to walk home by themselves and be home by themselves without you? There are tons of things to consider for your after school plan, but the most important thing is to have a plan!

4. Stay Organized homeschool-sections
Stay organized is key in helping you or your kids have a successful year at school. Make sure there is a designated spot for everything. They are going to be bringing tons of papers home (homework, papers to sign, etc.) so invest in some storage and separation devices so that way you know where to put these. Additionally, it’s important to have a designated homework area. This helps homework to get done faster and without distractions.

5. Back to School Shopping back-to-school-shopping
One of the best parts of going back to school is the back to school shopping. It’s the time of year you get to replenish all of your supplies, update your wardrobe and get any other things you might need for the year ahead. Shop smart, though. Don’t wait until the last minute because most supplies will be picked over. If you’re updating wardrobes, don’t buy too far ahead in seasons in case of growth spurts or mood changes (you don’t want your kid to love something now but hate it by the time it’s the season to wear it). Now is a great time to stock up on extra supplies because the prices are low, so get some to have around the house for if you run out during the year.

By following these steps, you should have an easy transition into the school year. What steps do you usually take to transition back into school season?

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