Finding the One: You and Your Search for the Perfect Apartment

Finding the perfect apartment for you can be very difficult. There are so many different factors to consider, many that don’t even have to do with the apartment itself. Are your neighbors loud? Is the staff friendly? What neighborhood is it in? Are you on the 5th floor with no access to an elevator? These questions, and many more, all factor in to your decision into picking the perfect apartment. We’ll help you maneuver your way through some of the more important factors to consider when picking “the one.”

1. Location, Location, Location 62bbce45-33a2-47a7-8e9e-7dd13049a427.1
Location can sell you on any place. Some people are willing to drive an hour to be in an area they love, while others are willing to pay more to be in an area that is right next to work or in their favorite neighborhood. Weigh the different aspects of location that are important to you, and make sure you factor them into you decision. How long will your commute to work be? Is the neighborhood safe? What shops and restaurants are close to you?

2. Is the price right? 8d616412035bea95431cef259c9e4f15
Before you go apartment hunting, draw out your budget. List all of your expenses compared to your monthly income. Your rental cost will more than likely be your most expensive cost every month, so you want to make sure you don’t make this decision lightly. While hunting, know what is your ideal cost range and your maximum price, and don’t go over that. You may find an apartment that seems nearly perfect, but if the price isn’t right, that means it’s not the one for you.

3. What do you want? download
What do you want in you apartment? Natural light? An open kitchen? A fireplace? All of these things are great and it’s important to have this list with you, but what’s even more important to think about are your non-negotiables. Do you have a pet? If so, then you have to find a place that is pet friendly. Do you have kids? Then you’ll probably need more than a 1 bedroom. And some non-negotiables can be more personal. If you love an open kitchen, that can be your non-negotiable. If you hate doing dishes, make sure you have a dishwasher. Whatever they may be, know what they are, and make sure to check at every place you go to.

4. How does it look? 
This is a very important step in finding your perfect apartment. You need to look surface level but under the surface as well. If the building looks like it’s falling down, the inside probably is too, or at the very least is going to need quite a few repairs over the course of your stay. Look over the appliances, the bathroom, the fixtures, the windows, etc. and see how they’ve aged. It’s important to note how old they are and if they’ve been replaced recently. Check over everything really well so that if you do move in, you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

5. Will you enjoy living there? 
What is the environment like? Will you have the opportunity to meet your neighbors (if that’s something you want to do)? How does the staff treat you? Are they really friendly and helpful, or do they seem annoyed at every question? If they are annoyed now, don’t expect them to go out of their way down the road when you need a repair. These are the people you’re going to be dealing with on a daily basis, so make sure you enjoy their presence.

Have you found “the one” when it comes to apartments? What are some of your non-negotiables?

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