Ways to Make a Room Feel More Spacious

Those of us living in apartments know it can be difficult to make a small room seem spacious. We all have at least one room in our home that we wish was just a little bit bigger. Lucky for us, it’s easy to trick the mind into thinking the room is bigger. With just a few of our design tricks, your living space will be looking and feeling larger in no time.

Bring Mirrors into the Space 2-sets-of-mirrors
This old trick is a very simple way to make a room seem larger than it actually is. Bringing a mirror into a space is a great way to create the illusion of more space in an apartment. This is especially true if you can hang it opposite a window. Bringing a mirror into the space will reflect the natural light throughout, making the room brighter. Whether you choose to use one large mirror or an arrangement of mirrors, you can be sure to make the space feel larger in no time.

Be Strategic with Furniture images
By cautiously picking out furniture, your living area will feel more spacious in no time. Raised furniture in the space will create the illusion of a larger area. It allows the eyes to see more of the floor making it seem open and airy.  By choosing one large piece of furniture instead of multiple small ones the room will feel less cluttered and more spacious. Lastly, look for multi-purpose pieces when shopping for your living space. Finding the right pieces of furniture will allow you to place those tiny items away in storage.  Utilize furniture that doubles as storage for the living room, such as an ottoman. By using an ottoman instead of a coffee table you’ll will be given a clutter-free living space, options for a table and extra seating when needed.

Keep the Colors Light 
If you are wanting a more spacious feel, you will need to be cautious of the colors you choose to add to the space. Soft and neutral colors will allow light to reflect throughout the room creating an openness, while dark colors will make the room feel much smaller and claustrophobic. By keeping the room cohesive through-out you can be sure to convert this space into a seemingly bigger living area. Suggested colors to use in a small space include light blues, light greys and neutrals.

We want to know what you are doing to make your apartment feel more spacious! Let us know in the comments!

-Taylor Julsen
Guest Blogger

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