How to Make the Most of Your Cozy Kitchen

Many people dream of the giant, luxury chef’s kitchen with all of the luxury amenities that come with it: a huge island, more storage than you can imagine or need… the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, those type of kitchens come at a cost, and many most of us won’t have these. There are, however, many options to make any kitchen, no matter what size, feel luxurious and not so tiny and quaint.

1. Less is More Picture0001
It’s important to remember when you’re decorating a smaller kitchen, less is more. If you cram a ton of design elements into a tiny space, it will make your small space feel smaller. Focus on 1 or 2 really loved design elements, like a favorite picture (kitchen themed, of course) or some bold curtains.

2. No Clutter 201106-omag-organize-3-600x411
To continue with rule number 1, make sure your clutter and mess is tucked away. The easiest way to make a room feel small is to leave it messy. So, clean off those counters, put those dishes away, and live a clutter free life. Additionally, if you have open cabinets, make sure you store things that are easy to keep tidy like plates or cups. Open shelves are not a place for your Tupperware collection that attacks you every time you open the cabinet door.

3. Be Creative Picture0003
There are many creative ways to use your space. Not enough space, or no pantry? Make a pantry that can sneak in the space next to your fridge. What are you going to do with the space above your fridge? It’s so difficult to make use of that space and those cabinets. They are difficult to get to and to open. One suggestion is to take the cabinets off! This gives you a cute option shelving option where you can display some of you favorite kitchen themed items, like rolling pins, old cookie cutters, mason jars, or whatever might be in your collection. Have some extra fun with it and change it up as the seasons change.


4. Add Shelves grayline-piece-cooking-area-cabinet-organizer-set
Yes, we know cabinets come with shelves, but we say add shelves to your shelves! Many of the items you’ll be putting in your cabinets will be short, like plates, or casserole dishes, or different cooking pans. Why have the wasted space between each shelf that these items aren’t taking up? Get some cheap wiring shelves that you can use to add another layer of storage to your cabinets. Also, utilize your wall space. Add a shelf to your kitchen wall if there is unused wall space. This is a great place to hold cookbooks, special display items, or even your coffee supplies. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re using every inch of your space as wisely as you can.

How have you spiced up your kitchen? We want to know! Tell us in the comments!

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