Guest Blog: My Top 5 Places You Should Visit in Your Lifetime!

With summer coming to a close (sad!), I have decided to share my pick of top places that you should hit on your next vacation! It’s always a good idea to plan early and what better time to start than now. Through my research and planning, I believe I have found some really great places for inspiration, and even included one that I can say is a must see! I hope that you will be able to take one of these trips and get some fresh, new experiences for you and your family. Enjoy!

  1. Flathead Lake, Montana flat

 Flathead Lake is located on the northwest corner of Montana and is one of the largest natural freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi River. If you are looking for somewhere that is family friendly, this looks like the perfect spot! They offer a variety of different activities from swimming to boating to even horseback riding. If those activities don’t appeal to you, the scenery at Flathead Lake will be sure to impress! There are over 200 square miles of water and 85 miles of shoreline. As you can see from the picture, the water clarity in some places is pretty incredible.

  1. Igloo Resort in Finnish Lapland lop

Hotel Kakslauttanen is an Arctic Resort located just 30 minutes away from the international airport of Ivalo. This is a very unique resort to visit since they offer a different kind of experience. Not only is there a hotel resort you can stay in, but they also have a variety of different igloos including glass igloos.  These igloos offer the luxury of lying in your warm bed and being able to gaze the northern lights- how cool is that?! Not to worry though, these glass igloos are equipped with their own toilets and showers in a separate room for your privacy. Be sure to book this spot far enough in advance though because these go fast and are only available from August to April.

  1. Clearwater Beach, Florida FL

Clearwater beach is located on the west coast of Florida, just less than an hour away from Tampa. This hidden treasure is quickly becoming a popular place to visit in Florida and for good reason! I myself have been lucky enough to travel here a few different times and plan on returning. The great thing about Clearwater is not only the white sand, clear water beaches, and awesome location, but also the smaller town feel. If your hotel is relatively close to the beach, you really don’t even need to have a vehicle. Everything from great food, entertainment, and shops are all within the walking distance of a few blocks. Clearwater is definitely a must see!

  1. Route 66 66

Now you’re probably thinking that’s not really a vacation spot, but I picked this one anyway as a road to travel! Route 66 is slowly becoming a dying thing and you should definitely hit this route before it’s too late and the roads are gone! Route 66 starts in Illinois and works its way all the way to California. If you aren’t able to take the whole route, I would suggest even just taking part of it! The roads are filled with history and fun little shops that you just can’t pass up. My personal favorite was the Pops shop located in Arcadia, Oklahoma with over 600 types of sodas. If you enjoy history or just want to go somewhere with your family, this would make a great road trip!

  1. Bora Bora bora

If you’re feeling really adventurous I’ve included a personal favorite that I would like to see: Bora Bora. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, this tiny island is just one among many French Polynesia islands. Almost everyone has heard of Bora Bora though, because this is a top spot for honeymooners or just couples who are looking to get away. Bungalows on the ocean and on the beach are a regular thing at Bora Bora and offer incredible views. Activities at this island would include deep sea diving, scuba diving, parasailing, and much more. If you can’t make up your mind on this one, just check out that view!

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions and that this will get you thinking about your next vacation! The experiences that you get from traveling will always be something to keep close to your heart. Even if you choose to go somewhere that isn’t far, you should always seek new places as these are the pages you’ve never read in this book called life.

-Sabrina Royster 
Guest Bloggertravel

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