How to Cat Proof Your Home

I love having cats and am a proud owner of two wonderful and rambunctious cats. However, the part of having cats that always seems to slip my mind is how incredibly destructive they can be throughout all hours of the day. Now, I love my cats but I also love my furniture, belongings, and in general keeping my apartment clean. Both of my cats are declawed, but that doesn’t tend to stop them from wreaking havoc on carpet and furniture, and it’s what led to me discovering some awesome tips to make both me and my cats happy while still maintaining a stylish apartment.

Houdini_Floor-to-Ceiling_Cat_Climbing_Tower_Post_Tree1. Rope – You can utilize rope as a great decorating accessory while serving the greater purpose of becoming a place for your cat to scratch its paws. In addition, you can save money on expensive cat scratching posts and keep down the clutter. Try wrapping rope around any exposed pipe in your house and voila, insta-cat post.

2. Use Dark Colors & Smaller Patterns – As a big fan of patterns, I’ve realized that the smaller the pattern the less hair and stains show (let’s be honest you’ll end up with some sort of stain from any pet on your rugs). And stains will be far less noticeable with darker colors.

3. Choose Durable Rugs – An idea I had never thought about before was choosing to buy indoor/outdoor rugs to decorate my apartment. They are more durable than just an indoor rug and can handle scrubbing and bleach better as well, for that time your cat decides to have a hairball.

4. Blankets – To minimize getting fur all over your furniture utilize blankets. I’ve done this and so far it has only worked with one cat (who has decided it’s his own personal blanket,) but at least it’s one less cat shedding all over.Smitty & BlanketSmitty & Blanket01

5. Cat Litter – I think the worst problem with having cats is having to deal with kitty feet traipsing litter throughout the house. I’ve discovered Modkat Litter Box. It looks cool, is functional and gets rid of the problem of cat litter tracked around your house.

How do you cat proof your home?

-Courtney Townsend
Guest Blogger

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