Snow and Adulthood

Ever dream as an adult that you could get one more snow day with no responsibility and nothing but a fun filled day.  Remember the excitement you would get when you woke up and saw the news report that school has been cancelled for the day?   The memories.  What if you had one of those days now, what would be your favorite activities to do?  Let’s explore some favorites.

One of the best snow day activities….snow forts and snowball wars.  Boot-Camp-Games-Snowball-fightGetting a group of friends together and doing a school yard choice to pick teams was always first and foremost.  Then the strategizing began.  Taking buckets, pails, empty blocks and shovels and compacting the snow to form walls and barricades.  This would usually consist of barely standing structures and would probably not pass OSHEA inspections in the least bit.  However, that didn’t stop the craziness from happening.   Then it came time to make ammunition.  That of course being snowballs.  Piles and piles of quickly crafted snow balls that were the sole purpose to hurl at each other while still trying to hide behind the iron curtain of a fort that you had built earlier.  Typically the battle would be lost by whatever team had walls that had crumbled, had exhausted their ammunition or more than likely were caught by their mom hurling snowballs and risking bodily injury.

Sledding of course was always a popular and sometimes safer option.  latham-jenkins-circ-biz-sledding.jpgBeing able to find the best location was always part of the fun.  Imagine being bundled up head to toe, traipsing through deep snow, lugging your sled trying to find that great big hill.  Once you find it, it seems the entire neighborhood is on the hill.  This would essentially then turn into races down the hill, seeing who could get the fastest run, diving onto the sled and recklessly racing down the hill, hoping that you didn’t crash into another poor person walking up the hill.  Of course this can only be done a few times before you figure out how incredibly out of shape you really are by walking up the hill 5 or 6 times.

The timeless classic of building a snowman has and will always be a fun point-1one.  I actually still do this with my kids every year.  It never seems to have a stove top hat, corn cob pipe, button nose or two eyes made out of coal like the famous Frosty.  Usually it consists of whatever stuff is still visible in our yard.  Sticks for arms, rocks for eyes and nose, some string for his mouth and of course the kids grab my hats for the snowman.  Nowadays, the kids would rather call him Olaf…which ruins the whole thing for me.

So the next time you wake up, look outside and see the snow coming down and you realize you are not going anywhere, then go get your snow boots and heavy coats and go have fun.  Throw snowballs, build forts, go sledding and have fun.  You are a free willing kid again.  What’s to stop you?  Oh yea, that’s right…adulthood.  Never mind.  Get dressed and go shovel your driveway….you’re going to be late for work!download


-Chris Shipley

Guest Blogger



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