The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Time or Energy to BH Gives Back

1. A Grateful Heart 


When helping others, we feel grateful.  When we help those that are less fortunate, especially those children that are suffering from illness or sickness, it makes us appreciate and feel blessed for our lives.  I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have a healthy family.  When you help those that need help or when you help those that are unable to help themselves, you can’t help but feel thankful for your blessings that have been bestowed on you.

2. Be a Leader and Set an Example

Donating to a charity shows those around you that you care about others and want to make this world a better place.  Live by example.  Involving others in your charitable actions will instill a desire to share and serve that will last throughout their lives.  See, another way to make a difference.  People can be influenced by your generosity towards others.

3. Find What You’re Passionate AboutHelpingHands-KW

BH’s charity initiative this year is to battle childhood illness.  There are several wonderful organizations out there that benefit those causes and need help.  Find one that makes you excited to be a part of.  Contact your local children’s hospitals or organizations and find out how you can help.  Get co-workers to be involved with you and feel that excitement that comes with helping others.  Visit the Helping Hands site on the intranet to get a list of great organizations in your area and monthly charity themes and times of when you can become involved.

4. Be Part of Something Bigger

You may sometimes think to yourself that you contributing will not make a difference.  Can one person really make a difference?  How much will my small amount of money or time make any headway towards helping someone?  Only one person does make it difficult to make a difference, but a group of people do.  How do people make a difference?  They join together and work towards one goal.  By joining in our group effort, BH CAN make a difference!

5. Gain Fulfillment and Richestogether

The fact is that giving of yourself, whether it’s time or money increases your capacity for love.  It can make you realize that even when you think you do not have anything to give, you are actually rich in life, and you are able to share with others.  It empowers you to feel like you are making a difference in not only your life, but in other people’s lives as well.


Remember you can always use those BH Gives Back hours that BH Management provides to you.  Getting paid to help others…only makes it that much easier to give back.

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