How to Throw an Award Winning Oscars Party

This year’s Oscars are just over a week away. No matter if you’ve seen all of the nominated movies or not, it’s a fun event to get together to watch with friends, admire the outfits, celebrate some of the best acting of the year, or simply to eat some popcorn. Whatever your reason may be, here are some easy tips to throwing an award winning Oscars party!


1. The Envelope Please! – Invitations invitation-open

You can’t have an Oscar party without attendees. This is where your invitations come in. When throwing a party themed around the Oscars, make your guests feel like true red carpet stars by sending them Oscar-themed invites. Thick envelopes sealed with wax, or even a sticker, makes it feel like they’re opening up a real award announcement. You could even go a step further and personalize each one by adding a picture of the guest!


2. Concessions oscar_party_popcorn-2-2015.0

It’s a night all about the movies, so to continue along that theme, make all food movie snack themed. Popcorn, candy, pretzels, hot dogs, nachos, pizza… these types of items can be dressed up or dressed down. If you like classic popcorn, keep it classic! If you want it to be red carpet worthy, there are plenty of fancy flavored popcorns that will take your party from cocktail attire to formal wear.


3. Strike a Pose! il_fullxfull.812653655_n80i

Add a photo booth or photo backdrop to add some fun to the party as your guests enter. Get some people to pretend to be paparazzi as they walk your red carpet, or set up a camera to take automatic pictures as you and your friends have fun posing. Throw in some fun movie-themed props for even more fun!


4. Party Games OscarBallot2016_4

While we’re all excited to find out the winners of the main categories of the night, there are other categories that some people (not everyone!) find not quite as exciting. To help spice up these moments, play some party games! Start off the night with Oscar Ballots! Have all guests fill out a ballot predicting who they think will win. They closest to getting them all right can win a prize. Another fun Oscar night party game is “Who Am I?” Put up some pictures of some Hollywood celebrities around your apartment. As your guests enter, tape the name of a celebrity on their back. They have to figure out who they are by the end of the night by only asking yes or no questions. Want something simpler? Try some movie trivia!


Are you excited for the Oscars? Who do you think will win the big categories?

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