Break These Habits to Stop Breaking Your Budget

We all have bad habits. Maybe you bite your nails, or you push snooze too many times in the morning. Some people may say “um” too much, or you may have a bad habit of forgetting to text people back. Habits can come in any shape and form. Some of the worst habits, though, are the ones that affect out budgets. Read on to see what you can do to break habits that are breaking your budget.


1. Pay Attention to Small Purchases cluttered-desk-coffee-cups-300x199

You may think you’re only spending your money on things that you *need* but when you look at little closer I bet you’ll find quite a few small purchases intertwined in there. A few morning coffees, or forgotten lunches per week? A quick swing through the drive through? It’s not much at the time, but they add up to be quite a bit!


2. Shop With a List download

Don’t ever go shopping, especially grocery shopping, without a list at least in mind. And if you’re going grocery shopping avoid going hungry at all costs. If you go without a plan, you’ll end up buying way more than you intended. You’ll wander down aisles you don’t need anything in, or if you’re in the mall you’ll buy something you like “okay” instead of waiting for the item you are really looking for.


3. Don’t Go Emotional Shopping 34d8f33

I’m sure just about everyone has done this. You’ve had a bad day, so retail therapy, right? Or, you’ve had a bad day so you treat yourself to ice cream. And on the flipside, if something great happens, we buy things to celebrate or celebrate with ice cream (or your treat of choice) too. If you can avoid emotional shopping you’ll save yourself a lot in the long run.


4. Automate Your Bills 5b1dab07aea4337f68ba2d142c5a0a28

We live in a world where all of your bills can be paid without you having to think about it or act on it. Take advantage of that! It’s definitely tempting to pay your bills manually each month so you can see the money going out, but this leads to the possibility of late fees. Save yourself the stress and time and automate.


5. Manage Your Money bills-in-debt-paid-in-full

One of the easiest ways to keep on budget, but also one of the easiest ways to lose track of your budget, is how you manage your money. Do you put money into savings? Do you take money out of that savings? Do you use a credit card? Do you pay it off monthly, or are you carrying over a balance from month to month? Do your best to leave Savings account money in savings and to pay off all credit card balances to avoid incurring interest charges.



There are many other things you can do to keep your budget on track, but if you start with these, you’ll start seeing a difference in your wallet and bank account very soon!

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