Fun Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! We here at BH truly value and appreciate all of our employees. They are our number one asset. We understand that providing good service to our residents comes from happy and engaged employees. Take a look below for some fun and easy appreciation ideas, and for some interesting facts about employee appreciation!


  • Companies with strategic recognition programs report an average turnover rate 23% less and frustration levels 28% less than companies without recognition programs.
  • When a manager recognizes an employee’s performance, it increases their engagement by nearly 60%
  • Implementing peer-to-peer recognition, rather than manager-only, is more likely to have a positive impact on your company’s financial results.
  • When companies spend 1% or more of their payroll on recognition, 85% of them see a positive impact on engagement.
  • Your company is 12x more likely to have strong business results if you have a strong employee recognition program.

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How do you plan to show appreciation to your employees or colleagues this year?

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