How to Spruce Up your Spring Style

Out with the cold, in with the new… weather that is. Now that it’s spring, it’s the best time of year to give your home and style a spruce. The dark, dreary days of winter are gone, and spring has sprung with its warm weather and bright colors. It’s time to refresh your style to keep up with this beautiful time of year!


  1. Spring Clean Spring-Cleaning-Success

The first step to sprucing up your spring style is to give your home a good spring clean. We won’t go into this now, but we have a great blog from last year that helps you tackle your spring cleaning with minimal casualties. It’s amazing how much more refreshed your space will feel when you give a little love to some of those forgotten places (dusting blinds, cleaning windows, scrubbing the tub, etc.).


  1. Purge 169082_g

There is absolutely no sense in bringing things you don’t love, or let alone like, into your spring spruce. Switch your wardrobe up to your warmer clothes, then go through and get rid of anything you can’t imagine living without. Do you have a dress that you wear at least once a week? Keep it. A dress you can’t seem to find the right occasion for? Purge. This goes for all things in your closet and apartment – purses, shoes, decorations, furniture, knick knacks collecting dust on your shelves.


  1. The Little Details living_room_spring_makeover_before_and_after_04

Sprucing up your spring style doesn’t take a stylist budget. With a few small details, you can transform your space into a spring oasis… and make all of your friends think you got an apartment makeover. Accessories are your friend. There are plenty of stores with great discounted accessories. Get some fun and bright accent colors for your couch. Get a plant! Not only will having a plant make your place feel springy, but it will also brighten your space with its colors. A few other fun things to change up are picture frames, shower curtains, towels, centerpieces for your coffee table and dining table, and even furniture covers. With just a few dollars, your place could have a complete makeover.


  1. Play with Texture bb2e76cd4379d848ca8c303d2f88059d

A little bit of added texture to your space goes a long way. You can add texture to your home in many ways – rugs, curtains, bedding, blankets, wall, and many different decorations. If you have a heavy duvet or comforter for your bed, consider swapping it for something lighter like satin or linen. You can have rugs and curtains in all room of the home (bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.). Switch these up with some bright, spring colors, and see what kind of textures you can find and mix. Do you have a lacy bedspread? Try a fluffy rug. Light flowy curtain in the living room? Add colored and textured pillows and blankets in the room. Don’t forget the bathroom! You can swap out the curtain and mats here, too. Add a fun wall decal or piece of art to your space. Just think – in winter you want everything to keep you warm, but in spring, you want everything to make you feel cool. You can achieve this with your textures and colors.


  1. Color, Color, and more (Complementary) Color spring color LR

If you could only choose one thing to change to get the most impact on your space, color would be it. A hint of coral. A dash of lavender and mint. A sprinkle of yellow. These all add up to be the perfect recipe for a spruced up spring apartment. Another important color to add is white. White is always a classic, but sometimes it can be hard to decorate with. White brightens your space and makes it feel bigger. Add it in moderation, and with pieces that have color. The most important thing to remember with color is that they should be complimentary and concise. This means, stick to a few core color options and make sure they mix well together. Certain color mixes could end up giving off a different look than what you had in your mind.


Looking at this Pantone Spring Color Report for 2016, putting snorkel blue together and buttercup might not cause an afterthought for you, but for me, I think of my alma mater (Go Yellowjackets!). Rose quartz and limpet shell are just a combination of soft, spring colors, right? Or to someone it could be the colors of a baby room. Fiesta and iced coffee are beautiful and complimentary colors in their own right, but together they give off a fall vibe. You get the idea!


How do your plan to spruce up your spring style? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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