What is CrossFit?


If you’re new to fitness or are looking to shake up your current fitness routine, I strongly encourage you to give CrossFit a try! If you’re asking yourself if CrossFit is for you, the answer is YES! Absolutely!

A common misconception about CrossFit is that you already need to be “fit” or “in shape” to start. This is absolutely not true! CrossFit can help you get to where you want to go, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. This is because CrossFit is completely “scalable.” Scalable means that the movements/reps/weight/time can all be adjusted to fit your individual need and ability level.


So what is CrossFit? CrossFit is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements.” Ok – great, but what does that actually mean? This means training body-weight movements, weightlifting movements, and cardio movements. Constantly varied means every day at CrossFit is different. You’ll see movements repeated but at different rep schemes and at different loads. It might be 6 months before you see the exact same workout repeated.

All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements which are movements found in everyday life. For example, squatting is simply standing from a seated position. “These are the core movements of life. They move the largest loads the longest distances, so they are ideal for maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest time. Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time a/k/a power! By employing a constantly varied approach to training, functional movements and intensity lead to gains in fitness.” (CrossFit.com, What is Fitness?)


CrossFit is also community. Your fellow Cross-Fitters are just as committed to your success in fitness (and in life) as they are to their own.  They become your team, your friends, your biggest cheering section, and your family. The positive energy is contagious and it’s why CrossFit has been so successful.


This is just a brief glimpse at what CrossFit is. If any fellow BH-ers have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! Also, there is some great information at CrossFit.com!



Katie McKain

Risk/Contract Analyst/Attorney
CrossFit-Level 1 Trainer


Thank you very much to Katie McKain, our guest blogger for the week! Are you up for CrossFit? We think you should give it a try!

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