BH Management Conference 2016

Last week, BH Management held its annual Management Conference. This year the conference was held in Naples, Florida. While most of the days were filled with meeting fellow BHers, learning from each other, and recognizing the employees efforts from the past year (and a little bit of Florida sun, of course!), some time was set aside to come together and make a difference for our national charity initiative.

Each year, BH selects a charity theme for the year. This year’s theme is: Helping Hands, Battling Childhood Illness. In keeping with the theme, a “Beary Fun” Teambuilder was planned. Let’s turn it over to Kelly Weber, the Director of Marketing, to see firsthand what it was all about.

“Every year at Management Conference all the attendees comes together for one BIG teambuilder. This year we were very excited to be able to incorporate that teambuilder with our national charity initiative. Each person attending was able to pick a stuffed animal and have a DIY Build-a-Bear type experience. They stuffed each one and even dressed them in some pretty sweet outfits. Together we made close to 300 bears, all benefiting a local children’s hospital and shelter.”


To see more from this year’s Management Conference, take a look through the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see all of the pictures from last week, click here.

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