National Donut Day!

What better way to celebrate a Friday than with National Donut Day. If you didn’t have your dose of donuts at breakfast this morning – have no fear – you still have time! To continue this Donut Party on a little longer, we’re going to share some fun facts about one of the most delicious fried sweet treats there is, and a few places where you can get donuts free today!


  1. More than 10 BILLION donuts are made in the US each year. Yes. Billion.


  1. A lot of donuts mean a lot of dough – the green money variety, that is. The top 10 donut brands in the US alone produced over 1 billion in revenue last year.


  1. While we know them as donuts, they’ve been known under a few other (not as delicious sounding) pseudonyms. The Dutch originally referred to them as “olykoeks” which translates to oily cakes. “Mmm, I can’t wait to have an oily cake for breakfast!” Or “Happy Oily Cake Day!” That doesn’t have the most desirable ring to it. It is more desirable, though, than the French version. In France, donuts are known as “pet de nonne.” It’s translation? Nun’s farts.


  1. While we all know that donuts are a popular treat around the breakfast table, did you also know that they are a popular source of name inspiration? In the US alone, there are over 2500 donut related names: 10 named Donut or Doughnut, 12 names Bearclaw, and 470 named Fritter. While most of the 2500+ donut related names are likely last names, some first names were honored by these delicious treats.


  1. One day is not enough to celebrate donuts. January 12th we celebrate National Glazed Doughnut Day, the first Friday in June and November 5th are National Doughnut Day, June 8th is National Jelly Filled Doughnut Day, and September 14th is National Crème-Filled Doughnut Day. That’s a lot of donut celebrating!


  1. Donuts have big ties to the movies. Besides seeing all of our hardworking cops in donut shops in the movies, there is a donut shop in California that has appeared quite a few movies, including Crocodile Dundee and Iron Man 2. Additionally, Clark Gable to movie audiences the proper way to dunk a donut. They also can be found in behind the scenes roles. Renee Zellweger said that 20 donuts per day was a part of her “diet” regime for gaining the weight she needed in her second Bridget Jones movie.


Ok, enough about facts! Where are the free donuts at?

  • With ANY beverage purchase, get a FREE donut at Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • Head over to Krispy Kreme and a get a FREE donut of your choice! No purchase necessary!
  • Duck Donuts, a chain on the East Coast, will give you a FREE sugar doughnuts, TODAY ONLY!
  • Entenmann’s isn’t giving away free donuts today, BUT… they are holding a sweepstakes to award 10 winners FREE donuts for a YEAR!


Now please excuse me, I have some donuts to go get! Once you’ve recovered from your donut coma, let us know how you celebrated!

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