Making the Most of Your Patio!

Living in an apartment can often leave individuals with limited outdoor space, so making the most of your patio or balcony can be very important! Here are 5 easy ways to spruce up your patio for the summer months ahead.


Declutter/Sweep kid-sweeping-300x225
The first step to creating a space you enjoy spending time in means eliminating the eyesores that currently occupy space. Clean out those old potting containers and stop using the remaining area as a storage space for things that could be disposed of. Give your patio a good spring cleaning and clear out all items not meant for a patio oasis. This will give you a blank slate to create the ultimate outdoor space.


Add a Tablecloth 24e9090ced1f44a74a79fa6f03cd1f79
The table you have may be the perfect size for an apartment patio, but may be less than perfect when it comes to the beauty of it. One quick and easy way to give that table a facelift is to cover it up with a tablecloth. This will save money and allow you to keep that table if it happens to fit perfectly in your space.


Add Some Plants Flowers-on-a-small-balcony
Now that those old potting containers have been cleaned out, you can plant something new. Adding plants is a very cost efficient way to spruce up your outdoor space.


Add Some Lighting paperlanterns apartment therapy
Whether it’s just a candle or Chinese lanterns, adding some lighting to your outdoor space can provide great ambiance. This will help create an outdoor space that you will enjoy spending time in, even at night.


Make One Repair or Replacement unfolded03
By choosing one item to focus on, you will allow yourself a simple task that can be completed in a weekend. Whether this be painting or replacing the chairs to buying a new doormat, one small change can make a large different to your outdoor living space.


We want to see your patio! Post some pictures!

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