Tips for Moving

Moving is a dreaded task for almost everyone. It’s time-consuming, tiring, and a big hassle. Read through these tips from a few of our employees who have recently taken on this dreaded task.

  • Start packing early. Pack up all out-of-seasons clothes that you definitely won’t wear. Pack up kitchenware that you don’t often use. Pack up all of your extra toiletries. The sooner you start to pack, the better.


  • Don’t forget to change your address. There are many places that you will need to notify that you are moving, so make a list so you don’t miss any once your move is complete. Some of these places include your bank, insurance company, loans, any doctor’s offices you visit, and your family!


  • Make a moving day plan. Any task planned is executed better than one that isn’t. Which furniture will go first? Where will it go? What do you need not packed for moving day? Who will stay at the old place and who will go to the new? Making a plan will help things go much smoother.


  • In helping with your moving day plan, label all of your boxes with the room they need to be placed in and a summary of what’s inside. This will eliminate having to dig through boxes to find your coffee maker or for you to have all of your food in your bedroom!


  • Enlist help early. Most people are busy and aren’t able to drop everything to come help a friend move. If you know you’re moving, ask help far in advance so they can put it in their schedules and so you have enough bodies to make the move go quickly.


  • Plan for your pets. Do you have a cat or dog or turtle? Maybe a fish? Whatever pet you may have, make plans for them on moving day. Moving can be scary for pets, so you don’t want it to be traumatic. Additionally, where will your pets be while you move? Make this plan ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about your dog running through an open door!


  • When you get to your new location, make sure your helpers are taking boxes where they need to be placed. Big furniture is best to be moved and unloaded first, because once you have the living room full of boxes it’ll be hard to find a spot for your couch.


  • Give yourself an unpacking schedule. You just moved and that was a feat within itself. But now you have to unpack, which may be the worst part of moving altogether. Tell yourself to unpack one box every hour when you get home from work. Turn on a TV show and unpack while you watch. Have a dance party while you unpack. No matter what you do, keep on a schedule to make sure you don’t leave those boxes packed up until the next time you move!

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