Tips to Making Your Summer Utility Bills Chill Out

A large majority of the country is currently experiencing extreme heatwaves. Extreme heat translates to lots of AC, which then raises your utility bill quite a bit! We’re already suffering through the heat. Why should we have to suffer through a higher bill too? Use these tips so you can make your next bill chill out!


  1. Fans Are Your Friend fan

We all love the cool feeling of the AC cranking on, but it uses a lot less energy to run multiple fans. If you have a bigger place, you’ll have to either wait a very long time or blast your AC to get the cool air to all of the rooms of your apartment. If you use fans, you can move those around and cool down the room you are in, instead of wasting energy on rooms you aren’t utilizing at that time.


  1. Maximize and Unplug Green-Power-Strip

Using a power strip can also lower your bills. Group your electronics together so that you can plug many into one power strip, and then when you go to bed, or leave for the day, you can simply turn off the power strip instead of having to unplug numerous items. Additionally, for your one-off items sitting by themselves (coffee pot, lamp, beauty tools, etc.), while these may not be plugged into a power strip, but you should still unplug these each day to save energy.


  1. Change Your Routine no-cook-meals-400x400

There are many things about your current routine that you probably don’t realize affect your bill as much as they do. Do you ever try to run your dishwasher or washing machine while you’re at home during the day? Probably. Doing this causes multiple energy eating sources to be competing against each other, which makes your bill even higher. Try running these other things at night when your AC isn’t as high. Also, consider changing how you cook. Use the oven less and eat meals that don’t require cooking more. This will save energy from the use of your oven and stove, and will also keep your place cooler.


  1. Live Green Woman-reading-in-a-hammock

There are many, many ways to live green. The first way would be to go outside! If you’re not sitting in your home, you’re not using as much electricity. Go outside and do something, or go somewhere and have some fun, and you’ll save all the energy you would’ve used by sitting on the couch. Use fluorescent lightbulbs. They may be a bit more expensive, but they save you energy (which saves money) and last longer (which saves money). Add a houseplant in front of a large, sunny window. Not only will it provide you shade which cools you off, but it will make the air fresher and less sticky. You can also adjust your TV settings. Your TV’s brightness sucks up a lot of energy, so turn this down and save yourself some money!


  1. Turn. It. Off. turn_off_the_lights

Here’s the biggest one and the easiest one. Does it use energy? Are you using at this time currently? No? Then turn it off! Turn off your coffee pot after your morning coffee. Turn off your TV when you go to the bathroom. The biggest thing you can do to save energy is to turn off lights when you leave a room. Even if it’s just to go to the next room over, turn the light off. It’s a very easy thing. Many people think, “Oh I’ll be right back. I can turn it off then.” But what if your plans change or you simply forget? Get in the habit of turning off lights every time you leave a room and you will see a difference on your next utility bill!


What do you do to try and save energy and save money on your utility bill?

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