Gotta Lease ‘Em All!

In case you hadn’t heard, the new game Pokemon Go has taken over the world. In its short life in the app store, it has soared to unimaginable popularity. Initially, the game got a bad rap for being another thing to keep millennials glued to their phones. When you take a deeper look, however, you see many wonderful benefits.



  1. Picture0001You have to move! In order to be successful, or really to play the game at all, you have
    to walk around to find Pokemon, Pokestops, Pokeballs, and gyms. To hatch an egg in the game you have to walk from one to six miles! The first person known to have “caught ‘em all” walked around 95 miles and lost 10 lbs! In the 2 weeks it took him to catch them all, he walked an average of eight miles each day!


  1. 1468386116349It builds community! Pokemon Go has led to countless social interactions that never would’ve taken place had the game not been set up the way it was. First, you get to choose which team you want to be on which automatically gives you a sense of community. It also encourages interaction with new people. People who normally wouldn’t hang out or talk to each other find common ground while looking for Pokemon or when they get to a Pokestop. People share with each other where they’ve found different Pokemon. Overall, it’s taking more family nights, date nights, hang with myself nights, and more, all outside.


  1. maxresdefaultYou can donate to charity! Yep, you read that right. There are apps out there that you can download that will donate money to your choice of charity for every mile you walk. These organizations have no direct partnership with Pokemon Go, but if you’re going to be out walking 95 miles, why not walk for a good cause. A hidden bonus to this is to use it to justify your playing if anyone ever gives you a hard time, “No, I’m not still playing Pokemon Go! I’m walking for charity!” An example of one of these apps is Charity Miles.


  1. 20160713-pokemon-go-tsIt is helping to tackle mental illness! Yes, it is that good! People who suffer from depression and anxiety usually have low motivation levels and don’t want to leave the house. Not only does it help to make people comfortable leaving their home and walking around their community, but it also leads to new social interactions which can be difficult for someone with a mental illness. Playing the game puts them on an even playing field no matter if they’re playing with friends, family, or by themselves. It is a common thread that makes being out with other people, or even just yourself, a less scary task.


With all of these benefits, how is anyone NOT playing? The answer to that is simple: most people are. As a business, it can sometimes be hard to make a personal connection with your customers or prospects. Pokemon Go has not only provided more socialization and community for players, but businesses can get on this too to get their name out there. Since most people are playing, you have a huge audience right at your fingertips. Here are some fun ways you can incorporate Pokemon Go into your community:

  • Provide a charging station for residents. The one thing the game hasn’t thought of is
    how to harness all of the energy used for walking to turn into battery power. With phones dying fast, people need a place to charge.
  • Advertise your local Pokestops and gyms, and advertise at them.
  • Tell prospects about the different Pokemon 13639717_757330907149_1106119546_othat have been spotted on your property.
  • Have water and snacks out for your local Pokemon trainers. Provide promo cups, coozies, etc. for passing out the treats.
  • Have a photo contest with your residents to see who can get the best picture with a Pokemon.
  • Have a Pokemon Pizza Party as a resident event. After pizza, have residents split up into their respective Pokemon teams and see which team can catch the most in an hour.
  • For bonus points, have your residents take pictures around your property with the Pokemon they catch. You can use these as advertising. Squirtle at the swimming pool? Pikachu at the clubhouse? Here’s my application, how soon can I move in!?


Have you joined the PokeUniverse yet? How are you using Pokemon Go in your community?


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